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Pro-Life Groups Unite to Call for Conscience Protections in Fiscal Continuing Resolution, UN Commission Reinforces Role of Family in Development, 40 Days for Life Prays for Abortionists

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20130228 LifeNews Radio Call to Conscience-Family Definition Retained-Prayer for Abortionists


As Congress and the White House square off over fiscal issues, pro-life women, Representatives in the U.S. House are asking for conscience and religious liberty protections to be inserted into any continuing resolution to fund the government through the fiscal year.  The Susan B Anthony list and other pro-life groups have created a website, “call to conscience-dot-com” to help direct pro-life action in contacting representatives and securing religious and conscience protections.

A UN commission that formulates social policy is currently rejecting attempts by Western nations to redefine family.  A resolution observing the International Year of the Family in 2014, sponsored by Qatar, promotes “family-centered policies in programs for international development, and faced strong opposition from some member nations.

Religious liberty and conscience rights are in peril.  While you may hear that the government only wants to make all employers provide preventative care, the reality is that “care” involves contraception and abortifacient drugs, with no exception for any employer except, say, a high mountain monastery.  The simplest way to reach your representatives and to retain religious liberty and conscience protections is to email your representatives today.  The simplest way to do that is with the website “call to conscience” dot com.  Go today to “call to conscience” dot com.

Now in the third week of the 40 Days for Life campaign, besides the examples of success like more people praying or babies and their mothers being saved from abortion, one aspect that is overlooked by the public is that those praying are actually praying for the staff of abortion clinics. Some abortion clinic assistants have turned away from work, some leave the business and get support from pro-life organizations, but prayer is ongoing that hearts would be converted-including the abortionists.

Arkansas Governor Vetoes Abortion Ban, Signs Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act, Video from Oregon Right to Life

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20130227 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban Veto-Woman’s Protection Act-Oregon Video


The Arkansas bill that would ban abortions after heartbeat could be detected has been vetoed by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.  Because pregnancy is not typically detected until after a child has a beating heart, critics of the legislation say it was essentially an attempt to ban all abortions and would entrench abortion rights if the bill were seen as attacking Roe V Wade surreptitiously.  A veto fight is expected.

Beebe did sign legislation giving mothers legal protection when being threatened during their pregnancy. Studies like a March of Dimes study show high violence rates during pregnancy.  That study showed one in six pregnant women has been abused by a partner.  The Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act is intended to ensure that a pregnant woman and her child are protected from unlawful criminal violence and that a woman’s decision to carry her child to term is protected.

In other news, Oregon Right to Life has produced a simple video demonstrating how many abortions have taken place in the 40 years since Roe V Wade.  The video is posted at the National Right to Life website, NRLC dot org.

40 Days for Life, Death of Man with Down Syndrome Ruled a Homicide, Irish Poll Support Strong Pro-Life Protections for Unborn

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20130226 LifeNews Radio 40 Days-Saylor Homicide-Irish Poll

The Forty Days for Life Campaign continues, now entering its third week.  One participant writing from Scotland lamented that many fellow Christians seemed indifferent to the plight of the unborn and to the prayer and the vigil at abortion centers.  Last weekend near Seattle, pro-abortion counter-protestors calling themselves the Seattle Clinic Defense came to one 40 Days for Life demonstration and for a while blocked the driveway to that local abortion clinic, something that could have landed a pro-life protester in jail. What may most encourage many of the people holding vigil, are visits by members of the clergy offering support and their own personal prayer.

Disability advocacy groups are alarmed now that the death of Robert Saylor, a man with Down syndrome, has been ruled a homicide.  Saylor was in a movie theater and decided to see the movie ‘Zero Dark 30’a second time and simply would not leave the theater.  Off-duty police officers were called and the homicide investigation suggests they may have used such force that Saylor died of asphyxiation.

A new poll shows Irish citizens want strong pro-life protections for unborn children to protect them from abortion.  About two thirds of respondents said they approve of both laws requiring doctors to safeguard the life and health of the unborn and constitutional protection for the unborn prohibiting abortion, except to save the life of the mother.

Another Pro-Abortion Argument Simply Falls Apart, ‘112 Pound Newborn’ Promotes Adoption

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20130225 LifeNews Radio Rape Ultrasound-112Lb Newborn


For various reasons, abortion advocates seem to want providers of abortion to be protected at any cost and to want no restriction or conditions on abortion.  Leading up to a law passed in the state of Virginia that allows woman to see an ultrasound before an abortion, abortion advocates equated a woman having an ultrasound with a woman being raped.  The problem with that logic is that in preparing for an abortion and to determine how long a child has been in gestation, abortion clinics use ultrasounds.  Given a little thought, most pro-abortion arguments simply fall apart.

A photo shoot of a recently adopted boy is being described as a photo shoot of a 112 pound newborn.  Latrell Higgins, a 12-year-old adopted son of the Higgins family, lamented not having any baby pictures.  When his sister jokingly suggested an infant photo shoot, their mother, a professional photographer, swung into action.  The result is being described as both precious and utterly hilarious, but is being used by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute to highlight the benefits of adoption.  They say that while adoption in the first year tends to produce the best results for children, regardless of age, all adopted children benefit.

Arkansas Passes Bills to Ban Abortion – Sends to Gov. Beebe, Nine U.S. Senators Tell Court: Protect Hobby Lobby From Obama Mandate, Researchers Map Fetal Brain Signals For First Time Ever

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20130222 LifeNews Radio Arkansas Abortion Ban-Friend of Court Brief-Fetal Brain Signals


It may be true that no law may fix the abortion problem, but one of the most interesting efforts has just passed the Arkansas state legislature in two bills that would ban abortions at the point when a unborn child’s heart starts to beat, typically before even the mother knows she’s pregnant.  The bill has been presented to Governor Mike Beebe, who has yet to say what he plans to do.

Nearly a dozen members of Congress, 11 groups and a state’s attorney general filed friend-of-the-court briefs supporting Hobby Lobby Stores’ challenge to the HHS mandate. Chief Counsel for the Becket Fund Kyle Duncan says that “While any brief by sitting members of Congress is significant, this one comes from members who originally supported the federal civil rights law—the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993—which is at the heart of the mandate challenges.”

Researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan are mapping, for the first time ever, fetal brain signals.  Besides showing human function and further displaying the humanity of unborn children, the prevention and treatment of brain disorders like autism or dyslexia may be on the horizon.

Tragic Pressure to Abort Disabled Babies, Details of State Investigation Raise Suspicions, False Unprotected Abstinence in Planned Parenthood Curricula, Friday Vote on Abortion Mandate in Washington State

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20130221 LifeNews Radio Aborting Disabled-Carhart Investigation-Abstinence Redefined-Washington Abortion Mandate


As details of the woman who died an abortion-related death come forward, attention is being brought to the issue of women pressured to abort disabled babies.  Jennifer Morbelli and her husband were looking forward to the birth of their baby girl when doctors discovered problems with the baby’s brain.  The couple traveled from New York to the late-term abortion clinic of LeRoy Carhart in Maryland. An autopsy released shows the 33 year old teacher died of an amniotic embolism and widespread coagulation.

Other aspects of a state investigation include personal patient documents and other waste that may have been disposed of illegally.  Some of the documents and references to protocols seem to call into question the care received at Carhart’s clinic.  Tragically adding suspicions, some former employees of the abortionist say he frequently broke state health and medical laws in his Nebraska abortion business.

New curriculum touted by Planned Parenthood uses an interesting definition of abstinence.  Abstinence in this curriculum refers not to abstinence but strictly to unprotected sex.
And a vote is scheduled in the Washington State House to require all insurance policies covering maternity to also pay for abortions.  Debate begins at 9 AM Friday in Olympia.

Hobby Lobby Broadens Court Fight, Parents Give Up Effort to Abort Grandchild, Six Dozen Babies in One 40 Days for Life Week, Valentine’s Day-Mom Delivers Two Sets of Identical Twins on Same Day

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20130220 LifeNews Radio Hobby Lobby-Texas Teen-40 Days-4 Baby Boys


Visit a Hobby Lobby craft store and listen to the discreet music played in the background.  Songs like, “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, “Amazing Grace”, and even instrumental renditions of more recent titles discretely say that this is a store with distinctly Christian values.  The store is currently avoiding million-dollar daily fines after losing the first round in its fight against the HHS mandate and is now being joined by groups like Americans United for Life in broadening Hobby Lobby’s court battle.

The parents of the 16-year-old expectant mom have been trying to force her to have an abortion.  It took a lawsuit and a court appearance, but the parents have relented.

After only a few days into its 40 Days for Life campaign, organizers say nearly 6 dozen babies have already been saved from abortion.  The campaign of personal dedication and prayer and vigil at abortion clinics runs through March 24th.

The Montalvo family of Houston wanted a baby girl.  Instead, without any use of fertility treatment, they hit odds in the neighborhood of one in 70 million and came home from the hospital last week with two sets of identical twins-all boys-born on Valentine’s Day.

Carhart: “Trouble with Your Abortion? Call My Horse Business.”, Washington Post Dismisses Abortionist’s Privacy Violations, Colorado Democrat May Become Todd Akin of the Left

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20130219 LifeNews Radio Carhart Horse Business-Post Dismissing Privacy-Democrat Akin

In the days and hours before the death of a New York woman from a late-term abortion, Jennifer Morbelli and her husband tried to call her abortionist Doctor, seemingly to no avail.  It seems now that a reason has been found for the apparent disconnect between patient and doctor.   Among illegally dumped patient documents being investigated in Maryland is information that LeRoy Carhart typically gives his patients the telephone number for his family’s horse equipment business in Nebraska.

The Washington Post is criticizing a pro-life group for infringing on the privacy of the woman who died in a late-term abortion nearly 2 weeks ago.  While the Post plays down the abortion death to focus on the loss of privacy involved in such a death, they make no mention of the state attorney general’s investigation into why LeRoy Carhart’s clinic illegally dumped private information including driver’s licenses, prescriptions and private patient information.

In other news, a Colorado legislator may quickly become the Todd Akin of the left.  Comments by Representative Joe Salazar about how women should defend themselves against rape with whistles and safe zones is being seen as trivializing rape.

Feng Jianmei Speaks Out, Fetal Detection of Anomalies Often Inaccurate-Tragic and Heroic Stories, Black History Includes 16 Million Abortions, May Texas Parents Pressure or Coerce Teen Abortion?

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20130218 LifeNews Radio Feng Jianmei-Fetal Anomalies-Black Abortions-Coercing Teen Abortion

After failing to pay a $6000 fine for her seven-month pregnancy, Feng Jianmei was ambushed, beaten and dragged into a car which took her to a Shanxi Province, China clinic for a forced abortion.  To get medical treatment and to avoid painful memories, eight months later, Feng and her husband are living in another city.  Now, we discover, she still suffers medical and other effects from the abortion, has run up thousands in medical bills but, says Feng, “what we lost the most, we lost a baby.”

With the rise of prenatal testing, detection of so-called anomalies is spiking and, tragically, the solution given to most parents is simply “abort”.  Recent news has given us not only tragic stories of lives lost and harmed, but heroic stories of parents who defied the presumed odds and now hold in their arms beautiful and very often entirely normal, healthy babies.  There are numerous such stories at

In other news, pro-life advocates are pointing out during February’s Black History Month that part of that history in America includes 16 million black children dead from abortion.  And a hearing Monday in Texas is to determine whether parents can pressure their teen daughter into an abortion.

0peration Rescue Says HHS Secretary May Hinder Botched Abortion Death Investigation, Rubio Introduces Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, Correlation between Marital Sex and Pro-Abortion Opinion, 11% Use Hormone Overdose Morning after Pill

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20130215 LifeNews Radio Possible Investigation Hindrance-Rubio Legislation-Opinion Links-11Percent Overdose
Former Kansas Governor and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius may have significant ties to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  As governor, Operation Rescue says she successfully turned back laws to regulate businesses like Dr. Carhart’s Kansas operations.  They are concerned that she may do the same with the investigation into the death of Jennifer McKenna Morbelli.  In related news, Operation Rescue has found evidence that Morbelli may have been told not to visit an emergency room.

Earlier this week, in his counter to the state of the union address by President Obama, Senator Marco Rubio articulated how the human person is an asset to a nation.  He has now gone a step further, introducing to the U.S. Senate the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act that would stop secret interstate abortions on teenagers, notifying parents and criminalizing the transport of a minor across state lines to evade state parental notification laws.

In other news, A new survey makes a direct correlation between someone’s view regarding premarital sex and whether or not they are pro-abortion.  And a new report from the CDC finds more women are using the radical hormone overdose known as the morning after pill; now about 11% of all women have used it.