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Gosnell Attorney Gives Closing Arguments, ABC Continues Complete News Blackout, Federal 20-Week Gestation Abortion Ban Introduced, Ireland’s High Court Refuses Assisted Suicide Right

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20130430 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Closing-ABC Gosnell Blackout-20Week Abortion Ban-No Irish Suicide


Investigative Video Challenges American ‘Numbness’ on Abortion, Ignoring Gosnell: Obama ‘Blesses’ Planned Parenthood, More 9-1-1 Recordings: More Botched Abortions, Threatening UN Ambassadors for Abortion Support

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20130429 LifeNews Radio Investigative Video-Ignoring Gosnell-Blessing Planned Parenthood-Botched-UN Threats


Networks Taking Big Hits for Lack of Gosnell Coverage in Congress and Polls, Pro-Life Intellect Calls for No Capital Punishment in Gosnell Case

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20130426 LifeNews Radio Networks Lose Big over Gosnell-No Execution


Gosnell Defense Rests with No Witnesses, Hundreds of Charges against Abortionist to Be Considered, Fox News Airs Gosnell Special Sunday, Congress Examines Gosnell Case in Special Session, Partisan Rivals Share Gendercide Concern

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20130426 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Defense Over-380 Charges-Gosnell TV Special-Congress Examines-Gendercide Film


America Discovering Gosnell, Nurses Quit a Delaware Planned Parenthood, TV Censorship of Gosnell Story, Obama at Planned Parenthood Gala, Prosecutors Tough on Focus on the Family Shooter, Group Wants Young People to Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions

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20130423 LifeNews Radio Discovering Gosnell-Abortion Nurses Quit-TV Gosnell Censorship-Obama at Gala


Pennsylvania Abortion Business Knew of Problems at Gosnell Clinic, Whistleblower at Gosnell Clinic Found Pennsylvania Authorities Unresponsive, Approval of Aborted Fetal Stem Cells in Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research

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20130422 LifeNews Radio Abortionists Aware-Gosnell Whistleblower Ignored-FDA Fetal Approval


Population Myths at the Heart of Pro-Abortion Thinking, Presidential ‘No Comment’ on Gosnell Trial, Filipinos Determined to Elect Pro-Life Leaders

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20130419 LifeNews Radio Population Myths-Obama on Gosnell-Philippines’ May Elections


Pro-Life Advocate Says Gosnell Used Women from Poor and Black Neighborhoods as Guinea Pigs, More Deplorable Gosnell Clinic Conditions, Washington State Abortion Insurance Bill Fails Again Narrowly

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20130418 LifeNews Radio Guinea Pigs-Gosnell Clinic Conditions-Abortion Bill Fails

Family of Women Gosnell Killed in Abortion Weeps at Murder Trial, NAACP Sues Black Pro-Lifer Who Exposed Its Pro-Abortion Views, California Bill-Paying to Create Eggs for Human Cloning

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20130417 LifeNews Radio Killed in Abortion-NAACP Sues Pro Lifer-California Human Cloning


Gosnell Jurors Hear Testimony from Abortionist, Medical Examiner, Poignant Photograph Tells Story of Media Blackout, 100 Pro-Life Tweets per Second on Gosnell Trial, 10-year-old Detained in China without Food or Water, “No Comment” on Life Issues from White House

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20130416 LifeNews Radio Abortionist, ME Testify-Media Blackout-Pro Life Tweets-No Comment