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Abortion Religion Flouted at Gathering of Iowa Democrats, Forced Abortion at Nine Months, Preemies Surviving Delivered Ever Earlier in Pregnancy, Pinterest Pro-Life Domination, Feminists Absent from Bro Choice Rants

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20130830W LifeNews Radio Abortion Religion-Forced Abortion-Preemies Surviving-Pinterest Pro-Life- Feminists Absent

Barring Black Senator from the March on Washington, Dr King Was Pro-Life, Bro Choice Worsening with New Article on Making Women Victims, Toppled Sign at Closed Planned Parenthood Welcomed

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20130829W LifeNews Radio Barring Black-Dr King ProLife-BroChoice Worsening-Toppled Sign

Babies Learn before Birth-Stunning New Brain Scan Research, Abortion Editorials Expose Contradictions in Abortion Advocacy, False Claims about Babies Not Surviving Abortions, Abortion Immoral Say Most Woman, Abortion Crisis as Doctors Refusing to Do Abortions

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20130828W LifeNews Radio Babies Learn-Abortion Editorials-False Claims-Abortion Immoral-Abortion Crisis

Gosnell Victims Being Denied Proper Burial, Buffalo Birthing Center to Offer Both Abortion and Delivery, Ginsberg Retirement Not Likely yet, Sarah Murnaghan May Leave Hospital Soon

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20130827W LifeNews Radio Gosnell Victims-Buffalo Birth Abort-Ginsburg Retirement-Sarah Murnaghan


Closing Clinics Number 24 This Year, Irish Abortion Misunderstood, Cory Booker Extreme on Abortion Ad

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20130826W LifeNews Radio Closing Clinics-Irish Abortion- Cory Booker


HHS Mandate May Go To Supreme Court, Hospital Abortions May Be Mandated in Washington State by Attorney General, ‘Sexual Citizenry’ Touted at UN Conference, Back to Life after Teen Orders Father Not to Die

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20130823W LifeNews Radio HHS Mandate-Hospital Abortions-Sexual Citizenry-Back to Life


Abortion Emergencies Cause Concern for Pro-Life Advocates, NYC Candidate Promotes Plan B for 11-year-olds, Girl Scout Observers Track Abortion Connection, Aneurysm Superglue Healing in Three-Month Baby, Max Begley Supporters Growing

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20130822W LifeNews Radio Abortion Emergencies-NYC Candidate-Girl Scout-Aneurysm Superglue-Max Begley


Heritage Foundation Says Millions in ObamaCare Funding to Planned Parenthood May Be Just the Beginning, Fraud Whistleblowers Could Cost Planned Parenthood Millions, Autistic Awareness Rising Because Teen Annoys Ontario Neighbor

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20130821W LifeNews Radio Heritage Foundation-Fraud Whistleblowers-Autistic Awareness


‘Duck Dynasty’ In-Step with ‘American Values’, Closing Abortion Clinics Have Tragic Connection, Girls Vulnerable after OK Judge’s Ruling Allowing Over-The-Counter Plan B, Forget Extreme-Only Four Countries Allow Late-Term Abortions

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20130820W LifeNews Radio Duck Dynasty-Closing Abortion-Girls Vulnerable-Forget Extreme


PPFA Affiliate Gets ObamaCare Grant Despite Allegations of Medicaid Fraud, DOJ Injustice Stopped by Federal Judge, Abortion Myth Challenged Saying Abortion Safer Than Childbearing, Republican Catholic Bishop Says Democrats Are Too Pro-Abortion

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20130819W LifeNews Radio PPFA Affiliate-DOJ Injustice-Abortion Myth-Republican Catholic

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