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Sebelius Clever before House Committee As She Avoids ObamaCare Abortion Questions, Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for White House, Abortion for Bishop If Doctor Had His Way

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20131031W LifeNews Radio Sebelius Clever-Hillary Clinton-Abortion for Bishop


Private Obama Political Group Coordinating Pro-Abortion Work against Albuquerque Pro Life Ballot Initiative, Texas Ban on Late Term Abortions Begins This Week, ObamaCare Rules Eliminate Health Insurance for Pregnant Woman, Army Halts Program Calling Christians Terrorists

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20131030W LifeNews Radio Obama Group-Texas Ban-ACA Rules-Army Halts Program


Texas Judge Rules against Texas Abortion Regulations, Wednesday Tweet Fest Will Demand Transparency in Abortion Funding in ObamaCare, Terry McAuliffe Will Never Compromise on the Issue of Abortion

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20131029W LifeNews Radio Texas Judge-Wednesday Tweet-Terry McAuliffe


Canceling Healthcare Policies under ObamaCare, HHS Mandate Is Losing Badly in Court, Fetal Development Study Advances in Fetal Psychology, Doonby Hits Theaters November 1

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20131028W LifeNews Radio Canceling Healthcare-HHS Mandate-Fetal Development-Doonby


Judicial Nominee Cornelia Pillard and Abortion, Fire Sebelius Say 32 House Republicans, Harassing Christians in US Military Gets More Critics, Soros Support for Hillary Clinton Campaign, HHS Mandate Assailed as18 States File Supreme Court Brief

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20131025W LifeNews Radio Judicial Nominee-Fire Sebelius-Harassing Christians-Soros Support-HHS Mandate


Army Tells Soldiers in Briefing that Conservatives and Christians Are Terrorists, Forcing Abortion in Rhode Island, Media Dictionary Error-No Such Thing As a Born Alive Fetus, Wendy Davis Calls Abortion Sacred Ground, Belgium Child Euthanasia Says Five-year-olds Can Decide

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20131024W LifeNews Radio Army Tells Soldiers-Forcing Abortion-Media Dictionary-Wendy Davis-Belgium Child Euthanasia


European Parliament Rejects Gruesome Legislative Report, Georgia Abortion Mess, Hong Kong Considers More Children Policy to Combat Aging Population Crisis

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20131023W LifeNews Radio European Parliament-Georgia Abortion Mess-Hong Kong


Hobby Lobby Asks Supreme Court to Stop HHS Mandate, Americans Deserve Clarity about Health Care Plans Paying for Abortions, 40 Days for Life Campaign Saves 311 Babies

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20131022W LifeNews Radio Hobby Lobby-Americans Deserve-40 Days


Abortion Twitter War Breaks out over Planned Parenthood 97th Birthday, Child Smuggling in the UK for Harvesting Organs, Santa Clara University Drops Abortion Coverage, January March for Life in Three Months

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20131021W LifeNews Radio Abortion Twitter-Child Smuggling-Santa Clara University-January March


Shutdown Advances HHS Mandate, Safe Haven Might Have Saved Child Found Dead in NYC, Baby Survives Poor Medical Diagnosis and Chemical Abortion, Paralysis Stopped by Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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20131018W LifeNews Radio Shutdown Advances Mandate-Safe Haven-Baby Survives-Paralysis Stopped