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June Ruling Expected in Supreme Court HHS Mandate Case, White House Rhetoric Makes Women Unable to Be Healthy without Contraception, Belgian Child Euthanasia Bill Moves through Senate

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Abortion Rate Falling According to Latest CDC Numbers, Fewer Abortion Clinics, Project Sunlight Offers Hopeful Video for New and Expectant Parents

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20131128W LifeNews Radio Abortion Rate Falling-Fewer Abortion Clinics-Project Sunlight

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Rape Unreported by Abortionists for Weeks or Even Months in Indiana, Teacher Firing in Portland May Have Political Conflict of Interest, Former Abortionist for Last Mississippi Abortion Clinic Dies, Baby Girl Born to Pro-Life Congresswoman

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20131126W LifeNews Radio Rape Unreported-Teacher Firing-Former Abortionist Dies-Baby Girl

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Dangerous Sex Encouraged by ObamaCare Exchange Ads, JFK Pro-Life Legacy, Pope Francis Warming Hearts around the World for Life

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20131125W LifeNews Radio Dangerous Sex-JFK ProLife Legacy-Pope Francis

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Filibuster Rules in Senate Changed, Plan B Drug As a Weapon for Assaulting Women, HHS Mandate Nixed for Pittsburgh Catholic Church

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20131122W LifeNews Radio Filibuster Rules-Plan B Weapon-HHS Mandate Nixed

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Obama Approval 37 Percent, Steinem Gets Medal of Freedom Award, Abortion Ban Rejected by 10 Points in Albuquerque, Francis Touches Another Disfigured Man-Both Figuratively and Literally

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20131121W LifeNews Radio Obama Approval-Steinem Gets Metal-Abortion Ban-Francis Touches

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Scalia Says Texas May Proceed with Abortion Restrictions, Speech Buffer Zone Implemented in Portland, Maine

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20131120W LifeNews Radio Scalia Says Texas-Speech Buffer Zone – No Albuquerque Story

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Albuquerque Voters Decide Today on 20-Week Abortion Ban, Belgian Euthanasia Ban Debate Yields Candid Admissions, Abortion Rhetoric Goes Wild

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20131119W LifeNews Radio Albuquerque Voters-Belgian Euthanasia-Abortion Rhetoric

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Does God Talk?

Are you going to do what God has for you to do, or do you still claim that God ‘does not talk’ to you?

No, I do not get phone calls.  God does not show up on my calendar or in my email inbox.

He speaks to human hearts who wait on Him.*

Oh, that’s it, isn’t it?  I do not wait.  I do not just sit and wait for God.  I hear the words of the Gospel, but I do not listen.  Church services go by me, I go to church buildings, but I am not waiting there for God to focus my heart.  I am so seduced by all those willing to speak with me who want something other than love for me (and they ‘are’ on my schedule – TV Guide or elsewhere), that I cannot make room to hear God…  Oops.

‘Oops’ is right.  If God did not love me, it might be ‘oh, well’, but He does love me.  Oops.  Perhaps my tears are for the years of my not being available to His love.  And now I turn and He heals me and the ears of my heart.  Care to join me?

He waits.

*(By the way, God does not talk so much. He does, however, speak.)

God bless you…
Jim Anderson

Forced Abortion in China Will Continue despite Easing of One Child Policy, Disastrous Cancellations of Insurance Policies Originated in Congress, Albuquerque Abortion Ban Vote Tuesday, Odón Device Developed by Auto Mechanic to Save Babies Lives

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20131118W LifeNews Radio Forced Abortion-Disastrous Cancellations-Albuquerque Abortion-Odon Device

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