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Manage Africa Is Al Gore’s Latest Idea, Healthcare Problems Rising in New Study, Notre Dame Trustees in Rome Get an Earful

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20140131W LifeNews Radio Manage Africa-Healthcare Problems-Notre Dame Trustees

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Cookie Boycott Launched over Girl Scouts’ Ties with Planned Parenthood, Veto Threat May Be Designed to Help Pro-Abortion Legislators, McMorris Rogers Attacked for Being Too Quaint, Scotus Briefs Oppose HHS Mandate 3 to 1

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20140130W LifeNews Radio Cookie Boycott-Veto Threat-McMorris Rogers Attacked-Scotus Briefs

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McMorris Rogers Gives Pro-Life Response to State of the Union Address, Bill Defunds Abortion Medical Coverage, Amicus Briefs Filed in Hobby Lobby Case, Botched RU-486 Abortion Causes Massive Hemorrhaging, Abbott Responds to ‘Superficial’ Matters Like Disability

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20140129W LifeNews Radio McMorris Rogers-Bill Defunds-Amicus Briefs-Botched RU486 Abortion

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ObamaCare Hyde Amendment Conflict May Be Resolved by New Bill in Congress, Weldon Sentenced for Forcing Girlfriend’s Abortion by Fraud and Product Tampering, Marlise Munoz and Her Child Dead, Catholic Professor Seeks to Create a Catholic Church That Looks like Peter Singer

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20140128W LifeNews Radio ObamaCare Hyde-Weldon Sentenced-Marlise Munoz-Catholic Professor

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San Francisco Walk for Life Draws 60,000 Saying Abortion Hurts Women, Mandate Fails to Pass Supreme Court Scrutiny, Texas Mother and Child May Die Monday Despite Texas Law

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20140127W LifeNews Radio San Francisco Walk-Mandate Fails-Texas Mother

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Media Fails to See Any Significance in March for Life, Strange Connections between Religious Liberty and Eliminating a Child by Choice, McMorris Rogers to Deliver Republican Response to State of the Union Address

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20140124W LifeNews Radio Media Fails-Ilyse Hogue-McMorris Rogers

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March for Life Faces Rhetorical Opposition from President, Pope Francis Tweets Support for DC Marchers as MSNBC Host Expresses Shock, Turning War on Women to Abortion Advocates in U.S. Senate

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20140123W LifeNews Radio March for Life-Pope Francis-Turning War on Women

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Abortions Drop in Rate While Total Number of Abortions Tops 56 Million, Jindal v. Cuomo and Louisiana v. New York over Welcoming Right to Life Advocates, Pro-Life Demonstration Numbers Up, Fetal Models Show Humanity of Pre-Natal Children

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20140122W LifeNews Radio Abortions Drop-Jindal v Cuomo-ProLife Demonstration-Fetal Models

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Cozzens Leads March, French Court Saves Man Targeted for Death by Dehydration

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20140121W LifeNews Radio Cozzens Leads March-French Court Saves Man

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Cuomo Says Right to Life People Have No Place in New York, Klopfer Charged with Failing to Report Child Rape, Paris March Sees 40,000 Line the Streets of Paris

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20140120W LifeNews Radio Cuomo Says-Klopfer Charged-Paris March

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