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Affirming Abortion Restrictions 5th Circuit Upholds Texas Pro-Life Law, Terri Schiavo Died Nine Years Ago Monday, University Declares Abortion as Gift from God

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20140331W LifeNews Radio Affirming Abortion-Terry Schiavo-University Declares


Vatican Meeting Covers Life Issues, Aborting down Syndrome Babies, Abortion Agenda Failing at UN, Abstinence Funding Making Its Way through Congress, Sparking Euthanasia Debate in Canada

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20140328W LifeNews Radio Vatican Meeting-Abortion Agenda-Abstinence Funding-Sparking Euthanasia


Dismissing Abortion or Simply Unaware of Abortion at Supreme Court Hearing, Pelosi Awarded for Support of Abortion by Planned Parenthood, Abortion Death in Cleveland, Last-Minute Change of Heart at 40 Days for Life Vigil

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20140327W LifeNews Radio Dismissing Abortion-Pelosi Awarded-Abortion Death-Last Minute Change


Tuesday Hearing for Hobby Lobby at Supreme Court, Profane Uses of Human Remains at British Hospital Involves Aborted Fetuses, 40 Days 211 Babies, Health Scary for Justina Pelletier

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20140325W LifeNews Radio Tuesday Hearing-Profane Uses-40 Days-Health Scary


Supreme Court Hears Hobby Lobby Case Tuesday, Raided Refrigerator Yields Gruesome Discoveries, Decision Postponed in Justina Pelletier Case, Forced Abortions Continue in China As Michelle Obama Visits That Nation

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20140324W LifeNews Radio Supreme Court-Raided Refrigerator-Decision Postponed-Forced Abortions


Fewest Clinics since 1973 Operated by Planned Parenthood, Different Use for an Old Abortion Clinic, Clinic Raided in Indiana Where Rape Cases Went Unreported, Pro-Life Ban Broken at Connecticut High School

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20140321W LifeNews Radio Fewest Clinics-Different Use-Clinic Raided-Pro-Life Ban Broken


Aerosmith Abortion Story Comes Out Of Rock ‘n Roll Past, Russia Bans Belgian Adoptions over Assisted Suicide Law, Stay Out of Oregon Say Pro-Life Advocates to Beltway Republicans

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20140320W LifeNews Radio Aerosmith Abortion-Russia Bans Belgian-Stay Out Of Oregon


Karpen Lawsuit Details Come Out, WHO Admits Legalizing Abortion Doesn’t Make It Safer, Clinic Cuts Abortion Hours in Face of Pro-Life Prayer Campaign, Professor Charged in Assault on Pro-Life Students

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20140319W LifeNews Radio Karpen Lawsuit-WHO Admits-Clinic Cuts-Professor Charged


Karpen Sued for Injuries after Botched Abortion, Pelletier’s Waiting to Reunite, 142 Babies Saved from Abortion, Abortion Averted Despite Diagnosis

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20140318W LifeNews Radio Karpen Sued-Pelletier’s Waiting-142 Babies-Abortion Averted


President Admits That ObamaCare May Cause You to Lose Your Doctor, Louisiana Mother Allegedly Kills Down Syndrome Son, Simplifying Eugenics Makes Your Life Simpler to End

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20140317W LifeNews Radio President Admits-Louisiana Mother-Simplifying Eugenics