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Massachusetts Resignation over Justina Pelletier Debacle, First Google Now Bing and Yahoo Targeted in Lobbying against Abortion Alternatives, Mississippi Law in Hands of 5th Circuit, Millionaire Abortionist Gets Letter from Woman Who Survived His Practice

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20140430W LifeNews Radio Massachusetts Resignation-First Google-Mississippi Law-Millionaire Abortionist


Speech Rights Take Hit in Federal District Court Ruling, Gosnell Movie Fundraising Effort Breaking Records

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20140429W LifeNews Radio Speech Rights Take Hit-Gosnell Movie Fundraising


Pope Finds Teaching Moment on Sexuality and Abortion and Forgiveness, Justina Languishes and Governor Hides-Takes Political Cover

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20140428W LifeNews Radio Pope Finds Teaching Moment-Justina Languishes and Governor Hides


Crowd Source Funding of Gosnell Movie Progresses Enough to Earn Apology from Earlier Opponent, Abortion Cremation with Garbage in High Tech Oregon Incinerator Gets Investigation, Vatican Snubbed in White House Choice of Emissaries to Canonizations

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20140425W LifeNews Radio Crowd Source-Abortion Cremation-Vatican Snubbed


Burning Aborted for Electricity, Mississippi Banning Abortions after Five Months, Changing Abortion Law Not Something that Interests Rand Paul

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20140424W LifeNews Radio Burning Aborted-Banning Abortions-Changing Abortion Law


Selling Women in China Results from One Child Policy, Statutory Rape Suspect Apprehended after Abortionist Tried to Cover the Crime, State Agency Determining Truths and Falsehoods in Ohio, Pro-Life Sentiment among Republicans Strong

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20140423W LifeNews Radio Selling Women-Statutory Rape-State Agency-ProLife Sentiment


British Uproar over Abortion to Launch Modeling Career, 1947 Newsreel Shows Margaret Sanger Pushing Abortion in Britain, Failing Health for 15-year-old in Massachusetts State Custody

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20140422W LifeNews Radio British Uproar-1947 Newsreel-Failing Health for Justina


Gosnell Movie Fundraising at Halfway Point, Governor Christie Getting Bold on the Life Issue, No Easter Visit for Justina Pelletier, Dobson Wins Court Injunction against HHS Mandate

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20140421W LifeNews Radio Gosnell Movie-Governor Christie-No Easter-Dobson Wins


The Myth of Over Population – A LifeNews Radio Special Presentation

Whether people who support the availability of elective abortion do so for eugenic purposes or to allow for a disordered expression of sexuality, one of the myths generally relied upon is that the planet is running out of room and resources.  It’s one reason why religious people who believe God is good and provides plenty for us in this world tend to be more pro-life.  It’s also why people who do not believe in a good God, or in a God at all, tend to be pro-abortion.

As pro-life advocates, we should be aware of a tremendous resource in a group known as the Population Resource Institute.  There, Steven Mosher there tells how the myth of overpopulation has been debunked repeatedly over the last 200 years.  The eugenic desire to control the population of certain people groups is also why many of the world’s governments repeatedly tell their citizens that we are running out of resources, especially fuel and water.

There are indeed grave injustices in land use planning, in the availability and taxation of resources, and in the merging of governments and businesses to regulate the flow of resources and restrict free markets.  One example of this can be seen in Hitler’s Germany before World War II.  Few people today remember or will admit remembering that our nation’s press spoke in glowing terms of Mister Hitler’s so-called efficiencies in resource management in the merging of business with state interests.

All this is to simply say, with a free and open throated enthusiasm, “God is good, and He has provided plenty for all his children on His creation, the earth.  When you visit Population Resource Institute on the web at, you will find ample evidence that we actually need more people, not less and that being pro-life makes incredible sense.

Buffett Foundation Tied to Abortion Business Where Lakisha Wilson Died, Secret Letter Says Justina Pelletier Is Being Tortured, Population Control and Restricting Access to Life-Saving Medical Care Reports Plaguing White House, Alexander Tsiaras Shows Miracle after Miracle in Human Development

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20140417W LifeNews Radio Buffett Foundation-Secret Letter-Population Control-Alexander Tsiaras