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Complex Buffer Zone Free Speech Ruling from Supreme Court, Ibrahim Held at US Embassy in Sudan, Justina’s Law Starts in Congress as Bipartisan Prohibition on Experimentation on Children

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20140630W LifeNews Radio Complex Buffer Zone-Ibrahim Held-Justina’s Law


First Amendment Ruling at Supreme Court, Sudan Reversal Again in Dropped Fraud Charges, Medical Censorship Fighting Breast Cancer Connection to Abortion

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20140627W LifeNews Radio First Amendment-Sudan Reversal Again-Medical Censorship


Ibrahim Charged Again in Sudan with Fraud for Use of Name, Nike Ad Slams Cloning, NRLC Convention Kicks Off, Assisted Suicide Vote in New Jersey

20140626W LifeNews Radio Ibrahim Charged-Nike Ad-NRLC Convention-Assisted Suicide


Ibrahim Detained Again in Sudan, Affirming All Human Life, Pope Francis Makes a Roadside Stop to Again Affirm Value of Human Life

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20140625W LifeNews Radio Ibrahim Detained Again-Affirming All Human Life


Sudan Still Holds Meriam Ibrahim, Presbyterians Rebuff Pro Life Efforts, Filibuster Celebration Fizzling, Austin Blocked from Squelching Pro Life Pregnancy Centers

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20140624W LifeNews Radio Sudan Still-Presbyterians Rebuff-Filibuster Celebration Fizzling-Austin Blocked


Cruz Criticizes White House over Meriam Ibrahim, HHS Rebuttal in Court Creates Dramatic Tension before Supreme Court Ruling, Boldly Pro Abortion Senate Proposes Pro Life Reversal

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20140623W LifeNews Radio Cruz Criticizes White House-HHS Rebuttal-Bold Pro Abortion Senate


Suing Massachusetts over Abduction of Justina Pelletier, New Majority Leader in U.S. House, Dell Computers Blamed for Discrimination at High School

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20140620W LifeNews Radio Suing Massachusetts-New Majority Leader-Dell Computers Blamed


Silver Lining in EWTN Ruling, Justina Freed Wednesday, Former Abortionist Testimony Favoring Late Term Abortion Ban

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20140619W LifeNews Radio Silver Lining-Justina Freed-Former Abortionist


Justina Homebound Wednesday after Winning Court Order, US Opinion Helping Sudanese Woman, 50 Million Would Be Fathers Would Not Choose Abortion Again

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20140618W LifeNews Radio Justina Homebound-US Opinion-50 Million Would Be Fathers


Speech Rights Defended in Supreme Court Ruling, Slow Code Using Value Judgments to Deny Medical Care, $30 K Donated by KFC after Victim of Dog Attacked Denied Service

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20140617W LifeNews Radio Speech Rights-Slow Code-30K Donated