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Advent is waiting for God…

…waiting for God to enter the human timeline. This advent, I’ll try sharing very short daily meditations about looking for God. Each week I will use a different part of scripture to look at how life is abused, misused, neglected and finally turned usefully to find Christ filling the human experience with love. And that would be Christmas.

Organ Harvesting Linked with Assisted Suicide in Belgium, Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Shows Disturbing Defects at Inspection, Oregon Beach Sex Ed More Sex Than Education

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 28, 2014…

20141128W LifeNews Radio Organ Harvesting Linked-Philadelphia Abortion-Oregon Beach


1000 Black Babies Die in Abortions since Michael Brown Death, NJ Suicide Bill Support Eroding, Spain Life Rally Calls for Abortion Ban, British Reporter Objects to Effective Pro-Life American Visiting UK

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 27, 2014…

20141127W LifeNews Radio 1000 Black Babies-NJ Suicide Bill-Spain Life Rally-British Reporter Objects


Ironic Planned Parenthood Comments for Ferguson Missouri, Hiding Abortion Funding in New ObamaCare Rule from HHS, Compliance with Abortion Reaps Economic Rewards Says Jonathan Gruber

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 26, 2014…

20141126W LifeNews Radio Ironic Planned Parenthood-Hiding Abortion Funding-Compliance with Abortion


Ralph’s Thriftway in Court Again, Save a Girl Campaign Fighting Gendercide in China, Suicide Witness PTSD Now a Phenomena in Europe, Streep Awarded Medal of Freedom, Malawi Targeted by Population Controllers

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 25, 2014…

20141125W LifeNews Radio Ralph’s Thriftway-Save a Girl-Suicide Witness PTSD-Streep Awarded-Malawi Targeted


IRS Emails Found by Congressional Investigators, Bishops Call for Shutdown of the Government if Government Will Not Protect Freedom of Religion, Ignoring Supreme Court Feds Threaten HHS Violators

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 24, 2014…

20141124W LifeNews Radio IRS Emails-Bishops Call-Ignoring Supreme Court


Profanity of Violence in Abortion Compounded, TV Show under Attack by Pro-Abortion Advocates, Chopstick Girl Lives after 8 Days

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 21, 2014…

20141121W LifeNews Radio Profanity of Violence-TV Show-Chopstick Girl


Embryo Research Outdated for Over Seven Years, 200 Million Aborted Women Attributed to Gendercide, Abortion as Healthcare Disclosures at New Website

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 20, 2014…

20141120W LifeNews Radio Embryo Research-200 Million Aborted-Abortion as Healthcare


Pope Tackles Life Issue Hard, Growing Conflict in Ireland over Abortion, Abandoned Korean Babies Saved by Courageous Pastor

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 19, 2014…

20141119W LifeNews Radio Pope Tackles Life-Growing Conflict-Abandoned Korean Babies


Abortionist Perjury Possible on Application for New Medical License, Documenting Botched Abortions, Peddling Suicide in Switzerland at Nursing Homes, Pope Censored by Major Media Outlets

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for November 18, 2014…

20141118W LifeNews Radio Abortionist Perjury-Documenting Botched-Peddling Suicide-Pope Censored