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Court Restrains Mention of Alleged Specimen Brokerage House, Another Philadelphia Style Abortion Practice Case May Be in the Making, Canada Approves RU486, More States Investigate Planned Parenthood, PR Stunt May Be behind Planned Parenthood Website Shut Down

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20150731 LifeNews Radio Court Restrains-Another Philadelphia-Canada Approves-More States-PR Stunt


Hiding from Hearings for Legal Reasons, Diverting Funding from Planned Parenthood to Critical Women’s Needs in Pending Senate Bill, More Heat for Colorado Planned Parenthood

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20150730 LifeNews Radio Hiding from Hearings-Diverting Funding-More Heat


Making Money Via Abortion Specimens Key in Third Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Operations, PR Attack Campaign Rising against Pro-Life Groups, Burwell Clueless, Which Logo Kills Black Babies

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20150729 LifeNews Radio Making Money-PR Attack-Burwell Clueless-Which Logo


Radical Response from Planned Parenthood Labels Pro-Life Group with Video Violent, United Way Defensive, Malta Abortion Arguments Weak

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20150728 LifeNews Radio Radical Response-United Way-Malta Abortion


Senate Vote Defunding Planned Parenthood Imminent, July 28 Protest of Planned Parenthood Funding in Dozens of US Cities, Dehydration Death Postponed in France, Suicide Machine on Display in Scotland, Euthanasia Targets Women, Depressed, Autistic

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20150727 LifeNews Radio Senate Vote-July 28-Dehydration Death-Suicide Machine-Euthanasia Targets Women


Sisters Appeal 10th Circuit Court Decision Compelling Them to Violate Conscience, Investigate the Messenger If You Don’t like the Message, Parts Trafficking History in Kansas Goes Back 17 Years, Corporate America Distancing Themselves from Planned Parenthood

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20150724 LifeNews Radio Sisters Appeal-Investigate the Messenger-Parts Trafficking-Corporate America


Defunding Planned Parenthood on Congressional Agenda, Individuals Protected from HHS Mandate in Latest Court Ruling, Tiny Hearts from IPS Cells

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20150723 LifeNews Radio Defunding Planned Parenthood-Individuals Protected-Tiny Hearts


2nd Shock Video Describes Pricing of Abortion Specimens, Abortion Issue May Dominate 2016 Elections, Risking Contempt of Congress by Refusing to Testify, Flag Controversy Gets More Attention Than Abortions Creating Specimens

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20150722 LifeNews Radio 2nd Shock Video-Abortion Issue-Risking Contempt-Flag Controversy


Stopping Questions on Scandal in White House Briefings, Federal Grants Block to All but Those Sex Trafficking Victims’ Groups that Refer for Abortion, Wisconsin Abortion Ban, Only One News Networks Covers Abortion Specimen Scandal, Seven States Investigating Abortion Specimen Scandal, Rhetorical Corner for Planned Parenthood

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20150721 LifeNews Radio Stopping Questions-Federal Grants-Wisconsin Abortion-Only One-7 States-Rhetorical Corner


Persuading America of Ethics in Creating Specimens from the Unborn in White House Press Briefing, Defunding Rally Set for July 28 Targets Planned Parenthood, A Scooter Healed the Depression Leading to Request for Assisted Suicide in Oregon

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20150720 LifeNews Radio Persuading America-Defunding Rally-A Scooter