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Defending Funding for Planned Parenthood before Congress, Sanger Heir Tries to Slight Pope, Irish Abortions Promised to Come Fast under New Labour Government

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20150930 LifeNews Radio Defending Funding-Sanger Heir-Irish Abortions Promised


41 Babies Saved from Abortion in Early 40 Days Report, Not So Scientific Science Guy Picks Fight with ProLifers, Portland Specimens from Abortions Headed to California Specimen Broker, Phone Abortion Pill Coming to Australia

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20150929 LifeNews Radio 41 Babies-Not So Scientific-Portland Specimens-Phone Abortion


Unborn Included in Fight for Any Life on Earth, Gosnell Actors Named Give Hints to Plot, Fiorina Fires Back at Detractors Ignoring the Plight of the Unborn

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20150928 LifeNews Radio Unborn Included-Gosnell Actors-Fiorina Fires Back


Defend Life at Every Stage, Poignant Visit to Little Sisters of the Poor, Cloture Fails to Allow Senate Vote on Defunding Planned Parenthood, Fraud and Waste Found in Waste and Fraud Involving Planned Parenthood, Gosnell Defends His Actions in New Prison Interview

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20150925 LifeNews Radio Defend Life-Poignant Visit-Cloture Fails-Fraud and Waste-Gosnell Defends


Policy Contradicts Values Expressed by President Obama at White House Meeting with Pope, Francis Encourages Bishops to Vigilant Opposition to Abortion, March of Dimes Admits Using Fetal Remains

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20150924 LifeNews Radio Policy Contradicts-Francis Encourages-March of Dimes


Super Majority Needed to Break Abortion Friendly Filibusters in US Senate, Pay Grade Somehow Relates to Morality in Mind of Catholic Joe Biden, Ten Commandments Somehow Say Nothing about Killing to Talk Show Host

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20150923 LifeNews Radio Super Majority-Pay Grade-Ten Commandments


Clinton Undying Support for Full Term Abortion, Cecile Richards Being Called to Testify before Congress, Not Progressive to Eliminate Human Life, Walker Out of Race for Presidency, Fiorina Rising in Polls as She Goes after Abortion

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20150922 LifeNews Radio Clinton Undying-Cecile Richards-Not Progressive-Walker Out-Fiorina Rising


Legislative Action on Capitol Hill Focuses on Infants Born Alive and Planned Parenthood Investigation and Defunding, Hillary Adamant that GOP Is Filled with Hate, Administration Loss in 8th Appeals Court

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20150921 LifeNews Radio Legislative Action-Hillary Adamant-Administration Loss


Media Trouble for Fiorina for Talking about Videos and Daring People to Watch Them, Promised Vetoes for Bills that Talk about Planned Parenthood Actions, Speech Protected by 9th Circuit, Mongar Abortion Death Gets Court Award, Doctors Plea for California Veto, Nigeria Bold in Protecting Life against UN

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20150918 LifeNews Radio Media Trouble-Promised Vetoes-Speech Protected-Mongar Abortion-Nigeria Bold


Senate Vote Next Week on Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, Saved Lives Would Be the Result of Defunding Planned Parenthood, Dissident Nun to Meet Pope at White House, Losing in Court over HHS Mandate

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20150916 LifeNews Radio Poll-Video-Suicide-Bill-Revisit Roe