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Ryan Speaker of US House, Redirect Funding Away from Planned Parenthood Say Poll Respondents, 40 Days Campaign Final Weekend

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20151030 LifeNews Radio Ryan Speaker-Redirect Funding-40 Days


Reconciliation Bill May Affect 2016 Elections, Ryan Chosen House Speaker by Republicans, Impeaching IRS Commissioner for Violating Public Trust, Hoping Lawsuit Gives Abbott Chance to Put Planned Parenthood Under Oath

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20151029 LifeNews Radio Reconciliation Bill-Ryan Chosen-Impeaching IRS-Hoping Lawsuit


Video Eleven Practically Spells Out Illegal Activity, Clinton Criticizes Congressional Investigation, Teflon Candidate May Be Ben Carson

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20151028 LifeNews Radio Video Eleven-Clinton Criticizes-Teflon Candidate


Carson Clear in Support for Life Issue, Oklahoma Abortionist Out of Business Permanently, Ryan Chief of Staff Likely Asset for Speaker Ryan Effectiveness

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20151027 LifeNews Radio Carson Clear-Oklahoma Abortionist-Ryan Chief


Congress Defies Veto Threat in Defunding Planned Parenthood, Select Committee Named to Investigate Planned Parenthood, Right to Abort Children Challenged by UN Member Nations, Ireland Pressured to Accept Abortion

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20151026 LifeNews Radio Congress Defies-Select Committee-Right to Abort-Ireland Pressured


Texas Raids Planned Parenthood Offices, Satire Unacceptable when It Targets Abortion Giant, Ryan Supported as Possible House Speaker, Irish Abortion Ad Said to Not Be Anti Catholic

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20151023 LifeNews Radio Texas Raids-Satire Unacceptable-Ryan Supported-Irish Abortion


Numbers and Stories Add Motivation to 40 Days for Life Campaign, LA Femme Film Festival Includes Abortion Risk Documentary, Nurses Honored for Service in NICU

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20151022 LifeNews Radio Numbers and Stories-LA Femme-Nurses Honored


Filibuster Proof Defunding of Planned Parenthood in the Making on Capitol Hill, Neeson Abortion Ad Airs in Ireland to Free Irish from the Ghost of Protections of Human Life, Highlighting Crimes in Abortion Is the New Crime Opposed on CNN, Smithsonian Persists in Presenting Sanger as Hero for Freeing Black Women to Have a Disproportionate Number of Abortions

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20151021 LifeNews Radio Filibuster Proof-Neeson Abortion-Highlighting Crimes-Smithsonian Persists


Harsh Farewell to Planned Parenthood Funding in Texas, Trump Supports Defunding Planned Parenthood, Media Silent on Bizarre Abortion Investigations, Catholic Hospital Calls it Quits with One Abortion Provider

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20151020 LifeNews Radio Harsh Farewell-Trump Supports-Media Silent-Catholic Hospital


Legalization Fails to Stop Predatory Abortionists, UN Resolution Targets Pro-Life Laws, Jindal Defunds Planned Parenthood a Second Way

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20151019 LifeNews Radio Legalization Fails-UN Resolution-Jindal Defunds