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Abortion Mandatory at Planned Parenthood, California Speech Threatened in New Law Designed to Shield Abortion Operations, You Before Me Labeled a Disability Snuff Film

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20160531 LifeNews Radio Abortion Mandatory-California Speech Threatened-You Before Me


GOP Convention Already Strongly ProLife, Indiana Abortion Restrictions Targeted in One More Suit, Abortion Numbers Used to Coerce ProLife Countries to Decriminalize Abortion

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20160530 LifeNews Radio GOP Convention-Indiana Abortion Restrictions-Abortion Numbers

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Prosecution Diverted in Houston from the Accused to the Accuser, No Right to Abortion Available to Justify Meeting War Refugees with Abortion Coercion, Children Disappear in TV Ad, Euphemisms Multiply to Describe a Culture of Death

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20160527 LifeNews Radio Prosecution Diverted-No Right-Children Disappear-Euphemisms Multiply


Abortion Coercion Targeted in New Bill Waiting Michigan Governor Signature, Pain Capable Abortion Ban Law in South Carolina, GOP Platform Committee Gets ProLife Chair, Zika Mosquito Is the Enemy Not Unborn Children

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20160526 LifeNews Radio Abortion Coercion-Pain Capable-GOP Platform-Zika Mosquito


DA Collusion with Planned Parenthood in Texas Specimen Case, Police Barred from Enforcing Loud ProLife Speech Ban, Video Convincing Abortion Advocates to Modify Their Stance, British Midwives and Abortion

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20160525 LifeNews Radio DA Collusion-Police Barred-Video Convincing-British Midwives


Care Restored to Comatose Toddler after 6 Weeks Living on Sugar Water, Sex Trafficking Relies on Abortion, Ohio Legislature Stopped in Its Tracks by Federal Judge

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20160524 LifeNews Radio Care Restored-Sex Trafficking Relies-Ohio Legislature


Methodists Break Ties to Abortion Group, Clinton Pushes Global Abortion at International Conference, Zika Funding Needed Now

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20160523 LifeNews Radio Methodists Break-Clinton Pushes-Zika Funding


Blasting Trump Nominees Six Months before Election Day, Stunning 18 Point Swing in Trump Clinton Polls, Oklahoma Rolls Out What Essentially Amounts to an Abortion Ban

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20160520 LifeNews Radio Blasting Trump-Stunning 18-Oklahoma Rolls


Jesus Close to Us in the School of Prayer – Pentecost Sunday 2016

Father David Mulholland offers what he promised over the last few weeks on this Feast of Pentecost.  After sharing over the last few weeks the idea of letting Jesus be close to us, Father Mulholland today offers a deeper idea of prayer and a way to better live the Christian life.

20160515 Fr Mulholland Pentecost Sunday Jesus Close to Us in the School of Prayer

House Investigation Continues after Abortion Friendly House Members Fail to Kill Committee, Scotus Nominee List a Player in Presidential Race, Heaton Celebrates Her Stand for Life Again, Abortion Execution Highlights Abortion Coercion, Defunding Abortion Providers

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20160519 LifeNews Radio House Investigation-Scotus Nominee List-Heaton Celebrates-Abortion Execution-Defunding Abortion