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Zika Gets No Answer from US Senate because of Planned Parenthood, United Way Gives 3 Million to Top Abortion Provider, Black Lives Matter Alleged to Ignore Abortion Death Rate, Beautiful Response to Early Death Advocates

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20160630 LifeNews Radio Zika Gets No Answer-United Way-Black Lives-Beautiful Response


Scotus Denies 3 Appeals for Washington, Wisconsin and Mississippi, Free Abortions for All Is Next Goal for Abortion Providers and Friends, Trump Garners Support from Two More Groups, Zika and Abortion Blockade in Congress, Barcelona Abortionist Sentenced to 18 Months

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20160629 LifeNews Radio Scotus Denies 3-Free Abortions-Trump Garners-Zika and Abortion-Barcelona Abortionist


Unnecessary Medical Restrictions Cited in Scotus Ruling Means Back Alley Is Back, Thomas Criticizes Troubling Tendency at Scotus, Poland Rebukes Call for More Abortion

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20160628 LifeNews Radio Unnecessary Medical Restrictions-Thomas Criticizes-Poland Rebukes


Poland Fights Back Diplomatically against Alleged Instructions from EU Commissioner, PP Cancer Ads Target Senator Fighting for Funding Change, Abortion Specimens for Summer Camp, Abortionist Quits with a Little Help, Michigan Abortionist Charged

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20160627 LifeNews Radio Poland Fights Back-PP Cancer Ads-Abortion Specimens-Abortionist Quits-Michigan Abortionist


Trump Alliance with ProLife Advocates, Washington Hospitals Compelled to Do Abortions, Disability Advocate Angered over Being Associated with Assisted Suicide Movie

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20160623 LifeNews Radio Trump Alliance-Washington Hospitals-Disability Advocate


Churches Ignored on Abortion Funding by HHS Civil Rights Board, Trump Meets in NYC with ProLife Leaders, Clinton Abortion Allies Considered for VP, PA Bill Banning Dismemberment, Teen Fertility Affected by Contraception, Brit Docs Maintain Early Death Opposition

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20160622 LifeNews Radio Churches Ignored-Trump Meets-Clinton Abortion-PA Bill-Teen Fertility-Brit Docs


Canadian Early Death Bill Shockingly Profane, Court Declares ProLife Laws Incompatible with Human Rights, Doctors Pressured to Stop Opposing Laws Decriminalizing Assistance in Early Death, Bomberger Book Tears into Usurpers of Civil Rights for Abortion Advocacy

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20160621 LifeNews Radio Canadian Early-Court Declares-Doctors Pressured-Bomberger Book


Trump Meets This Week with ProLife Leaders, Alabama Action Taking Child from Young Mother Disturbs ProLife Activists, Richards Rhetoric Challenged by ProLife Advocates

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20160620 LifeNews Radio Trump Meets-Alabama Action-Richards Rhetoric Challenged


Clinton Drops Rare from Abortion Checklist, Trump Court Appointments to Be Vetted by Federalist Society, Drones Invade North Ireland, Louisiana Abortion Numbers Drop, CDC Count 3 Zika Abortions, Bias Response at PA College Targets ProLife Posters

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20160617 LifeNews Radio Clinton Drops Rare-Trump Court-Drones Invade-Louisiana Abortion-CDC Count-Bias Response


Litany of Criminal Accusations Read from US House Floor, AMA Complicity with Ignorance of Fetal Pain Mirrors Old Medical Sins, Clinton Ad Has ProLife Feel, Blasting Black Abortions of Over 20 Million

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20160616 LifeNews Radio Litany of Criminal-AMA Complicity-Clinton Ad-Blasting Black Abortions