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Texas Law May Be Connected to Social Media Banning of Abortion Advocates, Civil Disobedience in Red Rose Rescue Leaves Catholic Priest in Jail, Texas House Sends Ban on Mail Order Abortion to Governor, Chemical Abortion Claims of Safety Panned

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Texas Abortion Rush Likely Ends Wednesday, Newsome Hopes Abortion Expansion Helps Him California Endure Recall Election in Two Weeks, Chemical Abortion Figures from Wisconsin Show Danger

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Illinois Accepting New Sexually Charged Sex Ed, Bishops Take Up Vermont Nurses Case after White House Ignores Enforcement of Federal Law, Mississippi Murder of Woman Who Simply Refused Abortion

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Glendon Snead SCOTUS Brief in Mississippi Dobbs v Jackson Case, New Abortion Business Model in Chemical Abortions, Help for Moral and Ethical Difficulties and Responsibilities in Covid Vaccines

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Abortion Hypocrisy Exposed as Scandals Are Greeted by Silence, National Day of Remembrance September 18, Broken Promises with Organ Donation and Medical Killing, ‘Little Lives Matter’ a ProLife Book for Kids

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Abortion Advocates Panicked Over Prospect of California Electing ProLife Conservative Governor, Hyde Amendment Conflict Remedy Involves Listening to American Voters, Another Catholic University Embraces Funding Student Abortions in Insurance

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China 3 Child Change Maintains State Monitoring but Drops Fees, Alaska Women COVID Vaccine Dilemma Highlights Need for Voluntary Medical Care, Alva Fixsler Family Gaining Support Internationally

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Dusseldorf Scientists Celebrate Human Brain Organoid Forming Eyes with Optic Signals in Lab, Appeals Judge Writes Precedent Insufficient to Constitutionally Sustain Abortion, Texas Win at Fifth Circuit, MSNBC Blasted for Likening ProLifers to Taliban, Women Abandoned by Inadequate Assessment of and Lawmakers Trying to Secure Chemical Abortion in Law

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Texans May Be Able to End Most Abortions Starting in September, Sanctuary Movement Growing, Catholic Medical Association Calls for Vaccines to Be Voluntary and with Free and Informed Conscience, Another British Child Languishes after Denied Leave to Accept Care Elsewhere

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