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Kermit Gosnell Murder Case Underway in Philadelphia, Health Care Conscience Rights Act to Be Proposed, HHS Probing Loophole for Abortion Funding in States’ Laws, Abortion and a 90% Increase in Breast Cancer

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The complicated, gruesome case of Kermit Gosnell got underway in Philadelphia Monday with three jurors being selected.  While there are rumors of Gosnell trying to negotiate a better deal with prosecutors, he faces eight murder counts.  The story is loaded with tragic details of abortions botched, squalid conditions in his clinic, and multiple defendants who worked with Gosnell, some of whom had no medical background.

Members of Congress are working on a new major bill to stop the White House assault on pro-life religious freedom under the HHS mandate.  The Health Care Conscience Rights Act would take the focus off Kathleen Sibelius for drafting the rules creating the mandate and put them on legislators who vote for or against this new bill.

The federal budget sequester seemingly has had no effect on Health and Human Services.  On the first afternoon of the President’s doomsday, the agency was so productive it pumped out more than 700 new pages of ObamaCare regulations.  Buried in those pages is a plan designed to directly fund abortion using the laws of individual states to circumvent the Hyde amendment.  And another story at LifeNews dot com provides another likely link between abortion and a 90% increase in breast cancer.