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Deepening IRS Scandal Fueled by Recorded Conversation, Botched Abortion Lawsuit in West Virginia, 20 Week Abortion Ban Vote before House Judiciary Committee, Closing Abortion Clinic Number 30 This Year

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20130611 LifeNews Radio Deepening IRS Scandal-Botched Abortion Lawsuit-20 Week Abortion Ban-Closing Abortion Clinic


Gosnell Not an Isolated Case, Texas Abortionist Probe Opened, More Evidence Possible in Gosnell Clinic, Media Still Shirking Gosnell Story, Ohio Castro Murder Charges Possible

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20130516 LifeNews Radio Not Isolated Case-Texas Probe-More Evidence-Media Shirking Job-Ohio Murder Charges


Prosecution Testimony in Gosnell Murder Trial Prompts Defense to Offer Gruesome Realities about Legal Abortion, Years of Peaceful Pro-Life Protest outside Gosnell Clinic, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Program Presents Assisted Suicide, Alaska State Vehicles Block Pro-Life Protest

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20130415 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Testimony-Protest at Gosnell Clinic-Offering Assisted Suicide-Alaska Protest


Stark Contrasts Displayed between Gosnell Lifestyle and Gosnell Clinic, GOP Party Chair Challenges Dems to Condemn Infanticide, Stunning Photo of Baby after C-Section, Questioning Whether Obama White House Circumvented Texas Law

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20130404 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Clinic and Lifestyle-Condemn Infanticide-CSection Photo-Circumventing Law


Gosnell Trial-Ineptitude and Pointing out Inconsistent Arguments for Abortion, HHS Mandate Unprecedented Violation of Religious Rights, Schoolteacher Booted for Fighting Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Heart Disease and Stroke, Only Five Abortion Clinics in Texas Would Survive Texas Bill

20130322 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Arguments Ineptitude- HHS Unprecedented Violation-Teacher Booted-Vascular Disease Risk-5 Texas Clinics


The questioning in the Gosnell murder trial is pointing to inconsistent arguments for abortion.  With a re-created abortion clinic displayed before jurors’ eyes, the court is witnessing seemingly every question about the beginning of life and viability and the rights of vulnerable babies and the care of mothers.  Thursday, an anesthesiologist testified that the anesthesia given to one woman who died was sufficient to stop her breathing and put her into a coma.

The more you look at the HHS mandate, the more you find tremendous problems.  The nation’s Catholic bishops took a new comprehensive look at the mandate and their General Counsel says new revisions of the contraceptive mandate are an “unprecedented violation of religious liberty” and must be changed.

In other news, a courageous Portland schoolteacher was given the boot from Benson high school.  Bill Diss has both attained great notoriety for his teaching skill and has been given years of grief for his personal pro-life activism in the Rose City. A new study shows abortion can lead to risk of heart disease and stroke. And 37 of 42 abortion clinics in Texas would close under a new bill that seeks to apply minimum standards to such surgical facilities.

Gory Details in Second Day of Gosnell Murder Trial, Pope Francis Continues Pro-Life Journey, US Bishops Ask House Republicans for Conscience Protections, China Abortions Exceed Population of US

20130320 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Assistant Testifies-Pope Applauded Attacked-Bishops Seek Protections-China Abortion Numbers


The details of the Gosnell murder trial are simply too much to tell-details are at our website.  However, in the latest day of testimony, a woman who worked for Gosnell off the books illegally wept as she told how she participated in the same actions that led to murder charges against Gosnell.

Pope Francis, in one of his first Tweets, said, “true power is service.  The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the week, the vulnerable.”  Just prior to his inaugural mass, Francis took time to stop and offer a blessing for a disabled man.  Meanwhile, major media outlets have begun a barrage of criticism of the new Pope. The latest charges say he is “medieval”.

Catholic bishops are turning their attention to US House Republicans, hoping they will place conscience protections to help stop the egregious nature of the HHS mandate that forces employers to pay for most anything that interdicts pregnancy.

Another report from the Financial Times points out China’s demographic problems.  It makes a direct link between China’s aging population and the fact that the number of abortions in China over the last 40 years has exceeded the population of the US.

Four Abortion Clinics in Maryland Feeling Heat, Health Care Conscience Rights Act Gaining Support, 40 Days-300 Babies Saved from Abortion

20130312 LifeNews Radio Maryland Probing Abortionists-HCCR Support-40 Days


The Maryland Board of Physicians is now on record as conducting a preliminary investigation into abortionist LeRoy Carhart who presided over a failed abortion that killed woman after she apparently gave up trying to contact her doctor and went to a hospital emergency room.  The investigation could take six months.
A letter demanding action from Maryland legislators has led to the discovery of another failed abortion ending in the death of the mother, this one in Baltimore.  Another Maryland agency has suspended licenses of three surgical abortion clinics affiliated with abortion business owner Stephen Chase Brigham, apparently including this Baltimore abortion business.

The Health Care Conscience Rights Act is gaining support.  The bill, introduced earlier this month by 66 members of the U.S. House, would essentially nullify the HHS rule written under the authority of ObamaCare which requires most any employer to provide pretty much anything to interdict pregnancy, even contraceptive drugs that cause abortions.  The bishop overseeing the US Catholic bishops’ pro-life efforts is urging Congress to support the bill.

40 Days for Life has saved well over 300 babies from abortion over the last few weeks.  The internationally coordinated effort of prayer and vigil at abortion clinics runs through March 24.

Maryland Legislators Question Carhart Clinic License, No Conscience Protection in Continuing Resolution, Texas Considers Restricting Abortion, Arkansas Restricts Abortions to 12 Weeks

20130307 LifeNews Radio Abortion Clinic Regulations-Conscience Protections-Texas Pain Restrictions-Arkansas 12 Week


Legislators in Maryland are asking why the abortion clinic is still open that killed a woman last month in a dangerous late-term botched abortion.  Not only are they questioning why LeRoy Carhart’s Germantown abortion business was not shut down immediately, they are questioning why a previous complaint from last November did not prompt an investigation and inspection of the clinic before the death of Jennifer Morbelli.  They ask what triggers a license suspension to protect the public if not a patient’s death.

The new Continuing Resolution designed to relieve automatic federal budget cuts required by law does not include the conscience protections against the Obama administrations HHS mandate for which pro-life advocates were hoping.  Pro-life focus now turns to the Healthcare Conscience Rights Act for relief from the HHS-ObamaCare rules.

Court rulings allow for states to restrict abortion and while new legislation would add Texas to the list of states that restrict abortion by the pain inflicted during an abortion, Arkansas legislators, overriding a governor’s veto passed a law Wednesday restricting abortions to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  If a heartbeat is detected, abortion is banned in Arkansas.

Healthcare Conscience Rights Act Introduced, Gosnell Clinic a Horror Story, Two Michigan Abortion Centers Close, Arkansas Senate Overrides Abortion Ban Veto

20130306 LifeNews Radio Rights Act-Gosnell Horror-Abortion Closings-Arkansas Veto Override


Members of Congress, with the backing of major pro-life groups, are introduced the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, to stop the Obama administration’s assault on pro-life religious freedom via the HHS mandate. This bold act may be the last chance for Congress to take action to mitigate the conscience problems associated with President Barack Obama’s contraceptive and abortifacient mandate.

Going through the grand jury report for the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell reads like a horror movie.  Some of the more mundane items: investigators say Gosnell distributed or wrote prescriptions for addictive drugs, something that would’ve garnered Gosnell hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  Late-term abortions, which often failed and delivered premature but live births presented the situations and actions which ultimately led to the murder charges against the abortionist.

In other news, two more abortion centers have closed in Michigan after charges of illegal disposal and an abortion practitioner being sued for the death of a woman in a failed abortion.  And the Arkansas 12 week abortion ban continues to make news as that state’s Senate has voted to override their governor’s veto.  Some people in pro-life circles fear the Arkansas ban, if rejected by courts, could entrench Roe V Wade.