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Courtroom Myths Implode as Planned Parenthood Attorney Enters into Questioning Motives of Defendants, President Blasts Eugenic Down Syndrome Eradication Efforts, Down Syndrome Abortion Ban Blocked by 6th Circuit Panel, Confused Governor Touts Human Right to Kill Humans by Abortion

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Castro Charged by Grand Jury in 2 Abortions among Kidnapping & Other Charges, Abortion Business Reopens after Five Botched Abortions, Abortion Pain Documented

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20130610 LifeNews Radio Replace Castro Charged-Abortion Business Reopens-Abortion Pain Documented


Pearl Gosnell Sentenced, Top IRS Officials Implicated in Targeting Pro-Life Groups, Morgentaler Dead at 90, Abortion Clinic with No CPR Training Watches Woman Die, NARAL Fails to Understand Susan B. Anthony

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20130530 LifeNews Radio Pearl Gosnell-Top IRS-Morgentaler Dead-No CPR-NARAL Ignorance


Abortion Photos-Congress Considering 20 Week Abortion Ban, 9th Circuit Strikes Down Arizona Ban, Hobby Lobby Fights Back against HHS Mandate, Arizona Mother Faced Difficult Pregnancy, Suspended License for Maryland Abortion Clinics, Virginia Candidate Opposes Abortion Safeguards

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20130527 LifeNews Radio Abortion Photos-9th Circuit-Hobby Lobby Appeal-Arizona Baby-Maryland Suspensions-Opposing Safeguards