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Infanticide Hearing Held Despite Opposition from Speaker Pelosi, Poison Pills Sought Planned Parenthood Millions and International Abortion Funding in US Senate before Being Caught, Infanticide Specimen Collection in CMP Evidence, Wrong Diagnoses Meets the Right Mother Who Spared Her Child from Abortion

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More Testimony That Gosnell’s Victims Were Alive, Using Social Media to Break Media Boycott, Healthcare Rationing May Be Coming to Children First, Texas Keeps Defunding Planned Parenthood, Another Abortion Business Closes in Michigan, Former Doctor Does Abortions in Alabama

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20130412 LifeNews Radio Victims Alive-Break Boycott-Rationing Child Healthcare-Texas Defunding-Clinic Closing-Illegal Abortions


Stark Contrasts Displayed between Gosnell Lifestyle and Gosnell Clinic, GOP Party Chair Challenges Dems to Condemn Infanticide, Stunning Photo of Baby after C-Section, Questioning Whether Obama White House Circumvented Texas Law

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20130404 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Clinic and Lifestyle-Condemn Infanticide-CSection Photo-Circumventing Law