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Family of Women Gosnell Killed in Abortion Weeps at Murder Trial, NAACP Sues Black Pro-Lifer Who Exposed Its Pro-Abortion Views, California Bill-Paying to Create Eggs for Human Cloning

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20130417 LifeNews Radio Killed in Abortion-NAACP Sues Pro Lifer-California Human Cloning


Gosnell Jurors Hear Testimony from Abortionist, Medical Examiner, Poignant Photograph Tells Story of Media Blackout, 100 Pro-Life Tweets per Second on Gosnell Trial, 10-year-old Detained in China without Food or Water, “No Comment” on Life Issues from White House

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20130416 LifeNews Radio Abortionist, ME Testify-Media Blackout-Pro Life Tweets-No Comment


Treating Abortion Clinic Staff for Depression, Gosnell Faces Death Penalty, Nation Shocked Despite Sparse Media Coverage, Risk of Contracting AIDS at Abortion Clinic, ADF Report to Congress: Waste, Abuse, Potential Fraud by Abortionists

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20130411 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Charges-No Isolated Case-HHS Compliance-Chen Testifies


Stark Contrasts Displayed between Gosnell Lifestyle and Gosnell Clinic, GOP Party Chair Challenges Dems to Condemn Infanticide, Stunning Photo of Baby after C-Section, Questioning Whether Obama White House Circumvented Texas Law

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20130404 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Clinic and Lifestyle-Condemn Infanticide-CSection Photo-Circumventing Law


Gosnell Trial-Ineptitude and Pointing out Inconsistent Arguments for Abortion, HHS Mandate Unprecedented Violation of Religious Rights, Schoolteacher Booted for Fighting Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Heart Disease and Stroke, Only Five Abortion Clinics in Texas Would Survive Texas Bill

20130322 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Arguments Ineptitude- HHS Unprecedented Violation-Teacher Booted-Vascular Disease Risk-5 Texas Clinics


The questioning in the Gosnell murder trial is pointing to inconsistent arguments for abortion.  With a re-created abortion clinic displayed before jurors’ eyes, the court is witnessing seemingly every question about the beginning of life and viability and the rights of vulnerable babies and the care of mothers.  Thursday, an anesthesiologist testified that the anesthesia given to one woman who died was sufficient to stop her breathing and put her into a coma.

The more you look at the HHS mandate, the more you find tremendous problems.  The nation’s Catholic bishops took a new comprehensive look at the mandate and their General Counsel says new revisions of the contraceptive mandate are an “unprecedented violation of religious liberty” and must be changed.

In other news, a courageous Portland schoolteacher was given the boot from Benson high school.  Bill Diss has both attained great notoriety for his teaching skill and has been given years of grief for his personal pro-life activism in the Rose City. A new study shows abortion can lead to risk of heart disease and stroke. And 37 of 42 abortion clinics in Texas would close under a new bill that seeks to apply minimum standards to such surgical facilities.