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Courtroom Myths Implode as Planned Parenthood Attorney Enters into Questioning Motives of Defendants, President Blasts Eugenic Down Syndrome Eradication Efforts, Down Syndrome Abortion Ban Blocked by 6th Circuit Panel, Confused Governor Touts Human Right to Kill Humans by Abortion

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House Abortion Ban Knocking on Senate Doors, Karpen Clinics Face More Heat, Pope Francis Celebrates Life Again

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20130620 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban-Karpen Clinics-Pope Francis


Abortion Pill Okayed for Young Girls or Their Sexual Predators, Front Page Headlines for Houston Abortionist, Baby Saved from Aneurysm with Superglue

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20130612 LifeNews Radio Abortion Pill Okayed-Headlines Highlight Abortionist-Baby Saved


Abortion Exposed as Bad Business Slowly, Malthusian Myth Continues with Peter Singer, Sarah Murnaghan Gets Judges Help, Motherhood Attacked in Violent Suggestions for Pro-Life Rep

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20130606 LifeNews Radio Abortion Exposed-Malthus and Singer-Sarah Murnaghan-Motherhood Attacked


Abortion Pain Awareness Ban – Vote Likely Tuesday, Troubled Abortionist at Planned Parenthood, Girls Scouts USA– Unusual Companions, Pope Francis Tough on Pastoral Short-Sightedness

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20130603 LifeNews Radio Abortion Pain Vote-Troubled Abortionist-GSUSA Companions-Pastoral Myopia


Medical Examiner Report Shows Carhart Abortion as Cause of Jennifer Morbelli’s Death, Abortion Whistleblowers Come Forward in Houston, Problem with ObamaCare Board, Gosnell May Plead Guilty to Drug Charges, FBI Targeting NYC Pregnancy Support Center


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20130531 LifeNews Radio ME Report-Houston Whistleblowers-ObamaCare Board-Gosnell Fed Charges-FBI ProLife Target


Mistreated Gosnell Family Member Testifies-Gets Probation, Abortionist Carhart Still Faces Probe, Baby Abandoned in China Reunited with Mother, Supreme Court Renders Indiana Unable to Revoke Planned Parenthood Funding

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20130529 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Worker Probation-Carhart-Baby Reunited-Supreme Court


No Charges for LeRoy Carhart in Botched 33 Week Abortion Death, The First Part of Abortion-1200 Annual Survivors, Immanuel – Miracle Baby Escapes Tornado

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20130528 LifeNews Radio No Morbelli Charges-1200 Botched Abortions-OK Miracle Baby


20 Week National Abortion Ban in Congress, Texas Ignored Complaints against Houston Abortionist, China Family Planning Officials Beat Farmer, NARAL Report: Displaying Mindset behind IRS Harassment?

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20130522 LifeNews Radio 20 Week Ban-Texas Ignored-China Farmer Beaten-Mindset


Media Ignores Abortion Doc Douglas Karpen Now under Investigation, Holder Unsure if Born Alive Infant Bill Being Enforced, IRS Official Promoted to ObamaCare Enforcement

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20130517 LifeNews Radio Douglas Karpen-Holder Unsure-IRS Promotion