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Flawed Statistics Presented to UN Commission, CSW Ignores Violence of Abortion, Driving Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery, Longest US Waiting Period for Abortion, New Hampshire Bill Could Permit Gruesome Dehydration of Disabled Patients

20130311 LifeNews Radio Flawed Statistics-Ignoring Abortion-Human Trafficking Link-Abortion Wait-Permitting Dehydration


When radicalized proponents of abortion speak of violence against women to support their world view that abortion protects women, they rely on a study from a World Bank report originally released nearly twenty years ago.  A report at LifeNews on the UN Commission on the Status of Women tries to offer a balanced look at why so many statistics used by abortion advocates are at least misleading.  Another report laments how many gathering at the UN last week ignored the violence done to women in abortion.

The UN Commission on the Status of Women heard repeatedly from Reggie Littlejohn last week on the issue of gender selection abortions and government policies that promote such gendercide.  In China, where much of her work is done, a preference for sons coupled with China’s one child policy creates a gender imbalance driving human trafficking and sex slavery.

In other news… Excluding weekends and holidays, South Dakota’s new abortion waiting period of 72 hours makes it the longest waiting period for an abortion in the nation.  And New Hampshire is considering a bill redefining hydration and nutrition and state law that could okay the gruesome process of dehydrating disabled patients to death.