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Deepening IRS Scandal Fueled by Recorded Conversation, Botched Abortion Lawsuit in West Virginia, 20 Week Abortion Ban Vote before House Judiciary Committee, Closing Abortion Clinic Number 30 This Year

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20130611 LifeNews Radio Deepening IRS Scandal-Botched Abortion Lawsuit-20 Week Abortion Ban-Closing Abortion Clinic


Gosnell Not an Isolated Case, Texas Abortionist Probe Opened, More Evidence Possible in Gosnell Clinic, Media Still Shirking Gosnell Story, Ohio Castro Murder Charges Possible

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20130516 LifeNews Radio Not Isolated Case-Texas Probe-More Evidence-Media Shirking Job-Ohio Murder Charges


Investigative Video Challenges American ‘Numbness’ on Abortion, Ignoring Gosnell: Obama ‘Blesses’ Planned Parenthood, More 9-1-1 Recordings: More Botched Abortions, Threatening UN Ambassadors for Abortion Support

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20130429 LifeNews Radio Investigative Video-Ignoring Gosnell-Blessing Planned Parenthood-Botched-UN Threats


Shocking List of Charges against Abortion Practitioner Gosnell, Gosnell Philadelphia Abortion Business May Not Be Isolated Case, Forced Compliance with HHS Mandate begins August 1st, Chen Guangcheng Testifies before Congress

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20130410 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Charges-No Isolated Case-HHS Compliance-Chen Testifies


Conservative Leaders Demand Networks Stop Censoring Gosnell Trial, Paramedic Tells How Gosnell Abandoned Dying Woman, Federal Judge’s Ruling Protects Catholic Company from HHS Mandate, NARAL President Lies about Illegal Abortions

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20130405 LifeNews Radio Fighting Abortion Censorship-Gosnell Clinic Paramedic-Mandate Protection-Abortion Lies


Stark Contrasts Displayed between Gosnell Lifestyle and Gosnell Clinic, GOP Party Chair Challenges Dems to Condemn Infanticide, Stunning Photo of Baby after C-Section, Questioning Whether Obama White House Circumvented Texas Law

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20130404 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Clinic and Lifestyle-Condemn Infanticide-CSection Photo-Circumventing Law


Four Abortion Clinics in Maryland Feeling Heat, Health Care Conscience Rights Act Gaining Support, 40 Days-300 Babies Saved from Abortion

20130312 LifeNews Radio Maryland Probing Abortionists-HCCR Support-40 Days


The Maryland Board of Physicians is now on record as conducting a preliminary investigation into abortionist LeRoy Carhart who presided over a failed abortion that killed woman after she apparently gave up trying to contact her doctor and went to a hospital emergency room.  The investigation could take six months.
A letter demanding action from Maryland legislators has led to the discovery of another failed abortion ending in the death of the mother, this one in Baltimore.  Another Maryland agency has suspended licenses of three surgical abortion clinics affiliated with abortion business owner Stephen Chase Brigham, apparently including this Baltimore abortion business.

The Health Care Conscience Rights Act is gaining support.  The bill, introduced earlier this month by 66 members of the U.S. House, would essentially nullify the HHS rule written under the authority of ObamaCare which requires most any employer to provide pretty much anything to interdict pregnancy, even contraceptive drugs that cause abortions.  The bishop overseeing the US Catholic bishops’ pro-life efforts is urging Congress to support the bill.

40 Days for Life has saved well over 300 babies from abortion over the last few weeks.  The internationally coordinated effort of prayer and vigil at abortion clinics runs through March 24.

Pro-Life Jurors Dismissed from Gosnell Case, GAO Asked for More Information about Planned Parenthood Funding, New Pro-Life Amicus Brief Filed in Fourth Circuit Court, Botched Abortion in Colorado, UN Agreement Protecting Women against Violence Threatened

20130308 LifeNews Radio No Pro-Life Jurors-GAO Planned Parenthood-4th Circuit Amicus-Hiding Abortion-UN Women and Violence


The horrific case involving Kermit Gosnell and eight counts of murder related to abortion will not have any potential jurors who profess being pro-life.  Six potential jurors who expressed religious, ethical or moral qualms about abortion or the death penalty have been dismissed.

72 members of Congress are asking the Government Accountability Office for information about government money possibly being funneled to Planned Parenthood.  This request follows up on a 2010 GAO report on Planned Parenthood funding that raised more questions than it answered.

The Fourth Circuit Court is quickly becoming one of the next battle grounds against the HHS mandate.  A new amicus brief by a broad range of religious and political legal groups says that ObamaCare’s employer mandate has become the “bludgeon” with which the government feels empowered to cripple the consciences of employers who may take religious exception to paying for the fuzzy collection of contraceptive agents including abortifacient drugs.

Other stories at LifeNews include details of another botched abortion that a Colorado abortion business may be trying to hide, and a UN agreement on violence against women may be scuttled because some member nations are refusing the agenda of abortion advocates.