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Pelosi Sacred Ground Comment Incredible, ‘Death Panel’ Being Implemented, Mom Rejects Abortion, Miraculous Hearing for Carolina Boy

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for June 21, 2013…
20130621 LifeNews Radio Pelosi Sacred Ground-Death Panel-Mom Rejects Abortion-Miraculous Hearing


Medical Examiner Report Shows Carhart Abortion as Cause of Jennifer Morbelli’s Death, Abortion Whistleblowers Come Forward in Houston, Problem with ObamaCare Board, Gosnell May Plead Guilty to Drug Charges, FBI Targeting NYC Pregnancy Support Center


Listen here for LifeNews Radio for May 31, 2013…
20130531 LifeNews Radio ME Report-Houston Whistleblowers-ObamaCare Board-Gosnell Fed Charges-FBI ProLife Target