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Gosnell Not an Isolated Case, Texas Abortionist Probe Opened, More Evidence Possible in Gosnell Clinic, Media Still Shirking Gosnell Story, Ohio Castro Murder Charges Possible

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20130516 LifeNews Radio Not Isolated Case-Texas Probe-More Evidence-Media Shirking Job-Ohio Murder Charges


Gosnell Trial-Ineptitude and Pointing out Inconsistent Arguments for Abortion, HHS Mandate Unprecedented Violation of Religious Rights, Schoolteacher Booted for Fighting Planned Parenthood, Abortion and Heart Disease and Stroke, Only Five Abortion Clinics in Texas Would Survive Texas Bill

20130322 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Arguments Ineptitude- HHS Unprecedented Violation-Teacher Booted-Vascular Disease Risk-5 Texas Clinics


The questioning in the Gosnell murder trial is pointing to inconsistent arguments for abortion.  With a re-created abortion clinic displayed before jurors’ eyes, the court is witnessing seemingly every question about the beginning of life and viability and the rights of vulnerable babies and the care of mothers.  Thursday, an anesthesiologist testified that the anesthesia given to one woman who died was sufficient to stop her breathing and put her into a coma.

The more you look at the HHS mandate, the more you find tremendous problems.  The nation’s Catholic bishops took a new comprehensive look at the mandate and their General Counsel says new revisions of the contraceptive mandate are an “unprecedented violation of religious liberty” and must be changed.

In other news, a courageous Portland schoolteacher was given the boot from Benson high school.  Bill Diss has both attained great notoriety for his teaching skill and has been given years of grief for his personal pro-life activism in the Rose City. A new study shows abortion can lead to risk of heart disease and stroke. And 37 of 42 abortion clinics in Texas would close under a new bill that seeks to apply minimum standards to such surgical facilities.

Interesting Planned Meeting between Pope Francis and Joe Biden, New Pope Accustomed to Correcting Errors, Helping Abortion Workers Quit, Party Line U.S. Senate Vote on ObamaCare Funding, Healthy Birth after Heart Surgery

20130314 LifeNews Radio Joe Biden-New Pope-Abortion Workers-Senate Vote-Healthy Boy


The election of a new Pope apparently will set up an interesting meeting between the new Pope Francis, formerly Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, and Vice President Joe Biden, who finds no conflict between his professed Catholic faith and his advocacy of abortion, something Pope Francis has called the “Death Penalty for the Unborn”.

As a leader of Argentinian Catholics, Bergoglio helped steer the church away from essentially Marxism in the form of liberation theology. Liberation theology happens to be a linchpin in the thinking of Catholics who accept abortion as something moral.  He has been seen as a ‘compassionate conservative’ and has shown an aptitude in bridging large philosophical divides.  In Argentina he worked with Catholics and other Christians of Eastern traditions and even his name Francis, chosen in honor of the 11th century Catholic Saint, is an interesting choice for a Jesuit intellectual.

Abby Johnson is taking heat from the abortion industry for her work in helping abortion clinic workers do what she did and quit their jobs.  She calls her work, “And Then There Were None”.

In other news, a party line vote in the U.S. Senate quickly sank the hopes of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and rejected his attempt to defund ObamaCare for this fiscal year. And a healthy baby boy has been born after another fascinating heart surgery on the child at 23-weeks gestation.

Further Calls to Link Fiscal Deadline with Conscience Rights, Washington State Abortion Mandate, Study Addresses Pregnancies at Risk of Being Interrupted by Abortion

20130301 LifeNews Radio Fiscal Deadline and Conscience-Washington Abortion Mandate-Vitae Abortion Study


A pro-life Congressman is calling his colleagues to insert into the country’s fiscal deadline an affirmation of conscience rights in accordance with the First Amendment of the Constitution.  Representative Steve King of Iowa says conscience as a constitutional principle is not something to negotiate.

Meanwhile, in Washington State, pro-life advocates are calling a bill that would mandate abortion coverage in all maternity coverage plans the Conscience Coercion Act.  Peggy O’Ban of Human Life of Washington says that since Quakers objected to military service, our nation has affirmed a right to freedom of conscience and that Washington state would be the only state to force employers to pay for abortion.

The pro-life movement has long endeavored to understand the complex emotional struggle behind a woman’s decision to continue or abort an unplanned pregnancy.  The Vitae Foundation released in last week’s American Thinker an in-depth study of interest to anyone working with women in a pregnancy at risk of being interrupted by abortion.  Utilizing cutting edge research, they found and quantified numerous difficulties faced and opened strategies to meet the needs of these women.  More information is at Vitae Foundation dot org.

Another Pro-Abortion Argument Simply Falls Apart, ‘112 Pound Newborn’ Promotes Adoption

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20130225 LifeNews Radio Rape Ultrasound-112Lb Newborn


For various reasons, abortion advocates seem to want providers of abortion to be protected at any cost and to want no restriction or conditions on abortion.  Leading up to a law passed in the state of Virginia that allows woman to see an ultrasound before an abortion, abortion advocates equated a woman having an ultrasound with a woman being raped.  The problem with that logic is that in preparing for an abortion and to determine how long a child has been in gestation, abortion clinics use ultrasounds.  Given a little thought, most pro-abortion arguments simply fall apart.

A photo shoot of a recently adopted boy is being described as a photo shoot of a 112 pound newborn.  Latrell Higgins, a 12-year-old adopted son of the Higgins family, lamented not having any baby pictures.  When his sister jokingly suggested an infant photo shoot, their mother, a professional photographer, swung into action.  The result is being described as both precious and utterly hilarious, but is being used by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute to highlight the benefits of adoption.  They say that while adoption in the first year tends to produce the best results for children, regardless of age, all adopted children benefit.

Tragic Pressure to Abort Disabled Babies, Details of State Investigation Raise Suspicions, False Unprotected Abstinence in Planned Parenthood Curricula, Friday Vote on Abortion Mandate in Washington State

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20130221 LifeNews Radio Aborting Disabled-Carhart Investigation-Abstinence Redefined-Washington Abortion Mandate


As details of the woman who died an abortion-related death come forward, attention is being brought to the issue of women pressured to abort disabled babies.  Jennifer Morbelli and her husband were looking forward to the birth of their baby girl when doctors discovered problems with the baby’s brain.  The couple traveled from New York to the late-term abortion clinic of LeRoy Carhart in Maryland. An autopsy released shows the 33 year old teacher died of an amniotic embolism and widespread coagulation.

Other aspects of a state investigation include personal patient documents and other waste that may have been disposed of illegally.  Some of the documents and references to protocols seem to call into question the care received at Carhart’s clinic.  Tragically adding suspicions, some former employees of the abortionist say he frequently broke state health and medical laws in his Nebraska abortion business.

New curriculum touted by Planned Parenthood uses an interesting definition of abstinence.  Abstinence in this curriculum refers not to abstinence but strictly to unprotected sex.
And a vote is scheduled in the Washington State House to require all insurance policies covering maternity to also pay for abortions.  Debate begins at 9 AM Friday in Olympia.

Hobby Lobby Broadens Court Fight, Parents Give Up Effort to Abort Grandchild, Six Dozen Babies in One 40 Days for Life Week, Valentine’s Day-Mom Delivers Two Sets of Identical Twins on Same Day

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20130220 LifeNews Radio Hobby Lobby-Texas Teen-40 Days-4 Baby Boys


Visit a Hobby Lobby craft store and listen to the discreet music played in the background.  Songs like, “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, “Amazing Grace”, and even instrumental renditions of more recent titles discretely say that this is a store with distinctly Christian values.  The store is currently avoiding million-dollar daily fines after losing the first round in its fight against the HHS mandate and is now being joined by groups like Americans United for Life in broadening Hobby Lobby’s court battle.

The parents of the 16-year-old expectant mom have been trying to force her to have an abortion.  It took a lawsuit and a court appearance, but the parents have relented.

After only a few days into its 40 Days for Life campaign, organizers say nearly 6 dozen babies have already been saved from abortion.  The campaign of personal dedication and prayer and vigil at abortion clinics runs through March 24th.

The Montalvo family of Houston wanted a baby girl.  Instead, without any use of fertility treatment, they hit odds in the neighborhood of one in 70 million and came home from the hospital last week with two sets of identical twins-all boys-born on Valentine’s Day.

Feng Jianmei Speaks Out, Fetal Detection of Anomalies Often Inaccurate-Tragic and Heroic Stories, Black History Includes 16 Million Abortions, May Texas Parents Pressure or Coerce Teen Abortion?

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20130218 LifeNews Radio Feng Jianmei-Fetal Anomalies-Black Abortions-Coercing Teen Abortion

After failing to pay a $6000 fine for her seven-month pregnancy, Feng Jianmei was ambushed, beaten and dragged into a car which took her to a Shanxi Province, China clinic for a forced abortion.  To get medical treatment and to avoid painful memories, eight months later, Feng and her husband are living in another city.  Now, we discover, she still suffers medical and other effects from the abortion, has run up thousands in medical bills but, says Feng, “what we lost the most, we lost a baby.”

With the rise of prenatal testing, detection of so-called anomalies is spiking and, tragically, the solution given to most parents is simply “abort”.  Recent news has given us not only tragic stories of lives lost and harmed, but heroic stories of parents who defied the presumed odds and now hold in their arms beautiful and very often entirely normal, healthy babies.  There are numerous such stories at

In other news, pro-life advocates are pointing out during February’s Black History Month that part of that history in America includes 16 million black children dead from abortion.  And a hearing Monday in Texas is to determine whether parents can pressure their teen daughter into an abortion.

Operation Rescue Wants Medical Review Added to Criminal Investigation of LeRoy Carhart, Two Clinic Closings Connected with 40 Days for Life, New York Poll Yields Strong Pro-Life Results

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20130214 LifeNews Radio Carhart Review-Clinic Closings-NY Poll

Operation Rescue is speaking out in the case of the New York woman who died in Maryland in a botched late-term abortion.  They say if the Maryland hospital does not file a complaint with the state medical board, they will file suit in order to bring medical scrutiny to the work of abortionist Doctor LeRoy Carhart.  There is an ongoing criminal investigation by the state attorney general in Maryland related to Carhart’s operation in that state.

As the next 40 Days for Life gets underway, one prayer demonstration in Greensboro North Carolina had to be canceled because the abortion business, faced with another round of legal prayer and vigil outside their doors, closed their doors permanently.  ||
Lima Ohio was the site of another recent abortion clinic closing.

A recent poll of New York voters should be giving its governor headaches.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to get rid of all pro-life laws in his state and promote late-term abortions, so Cuomo has proposed to the legislature a so-called “Reproductive Choice Act”.  The in-depth McLaughlin poll paid for by the Chiaroscuro Foundation shows support for the governor’s position well below 20 percent, over 60 percent strongly disagreed with his ideas.

New HHS Rules Mean New HHS Plaintiffs and New HHS Lawsuits, Twins Born at 23 Weeks Gestation Bring New Focus on Life before Birth, Neural Stem Cells Developed from Kidney Cells Found in Urine

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20130206 LifeNews Radio New HHS Lawsuits-23 Weeks Gestation-Neural Stem Cells
Attorneys defending the HHS mandate requiring all employers regardless of conscience to pay for abortifacient and contraceptive drugs have repeatedly said plaintiffs cases should be thrown out because there was a change to the mandate coming.  Now that the new mandate rule has been issued, plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed new lawsuits alleging a violation of religious freedom against business owners with conscientious objection against the rule.

After a lengthy battle for life against the most astonishing odds twin boys, born at just 23 weeks gestation have become some of the most premature sets of twins ever to survive.  The attention given the twins brings renewed focus on the life of the unborn in the middle of pregnancy.

You may have heard of pluripotent adult stem cells developed from cells in tooth roots, placental tissue or other sources.  Here is a new source discovered in China.  Researchers there found epithelial kidney cells in human urine and have used a more reliable method to steer these tissue cells-or to tap into their pluripotency-and create nerve cells, clearly an amazing breakthrough for adult stem cell therapy.