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Gosnell Not an Isolated Case, Texas Abortionist Probe Opened, More Evidence Possible in Gosnell Clinic, Media Still Shirking Gosnell Story, Ohio Castro Murder Charges Possible

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20130516 LifeNews Radio Not Isolated Case-Texas Probe-More Evidence-Media Shirking Job-Ohio Murder Charges


Interesting Planned Meeting between Pope Francis and Joe Biden, New Pope Accustomed to Correcting Errors, Helping Abortion Workers Quit, Party Line U.S. Senate Vote on ObamaCare Funding, Healthy Birth after Heart Surgery

20130314 LifeNews Radio Joe Biden-New Pope-Abortion Workers-Senate Vote-Healthy Boy


The election of a new Pope apparently will set up an interesting meeting between the new Pope Francis, formerly Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, and Vice President Joe Biden, who finds no conflict between his professed Catholic faith and his advocacy of abortion, something Pope Francis has called the “Death Penalty for the Unborn”.

As a leader of Argentinian Catholics, Bergoglio helped steer the church away from essentially Marxism in the form of liberation theology. Liberation theology happens to be a linchpin in the thinking of Catholics who accept abortion as something moral.  He has been seen as a ‘compassionate conservative’ and has shown an aptitude in bridging large philosophical divides.  In Argentina he worked with Catholics and other Christians of Eastern traditions and even his name Francis, chosen in honor of the 11th century Catholic Saint, is an interesting choice for a Jesuit intellectual.

Abby Johnson is taking heat from the abortion industry for her work in helping abortion clinic workers do what she did and quit their jobs.  She calls her work, “And Then There Were None”.

In other news, a party line vote in the U.S. Senate quickly sank the hopes of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and rejected his attempt to defund ObamaCare for this fiscal year. And a healthy baby boy has been born after another fascinating heart surgery on the child at 23-weeks gestation.

Feng Jianmei Speaks Out, Fetal Detection of Anomalies Often Inaccurate-Tragic and Heroic Stories, Black History Includes 16 Million Abortions, May Texas Parents Pressure or Coerce Teen Abortion?

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20130218 LifeNews Radio Feng Jianmei-Fetal Anomalies-Black Abortions-Coercing Teen Abortion

After failing to pay a $6000 fine for her seven-month pregnancy, Feng Jianmei was ambushed, beaten and dragged into a car which took her to a Shanxi Province, China clinic for a forced abortion.  To get medical treatment and to avoid painful memories, eight months later, Feng and her husband are living in another city.  Now, we discover, she still suffers medical and other effects from the abortion, has run up thousands in medical bills but, says Feng, “what we lost the most, we lost a baby.”

With the rise of prenatal testing, detection of so-called anomalies is spiking and, tragically, the solution given to most parents is simply “abort”.  Recent news has given us not only tragic stories of lives lost and harmed, but heroic stories of parents who defied the presumed odds and now hold in their arms beautiful and very often entirely normal, healthy babies.  There are numerous such stories at

In other news, pro-life advocates are pointing out during February’s Black History Month that part of that history in America includes 16 million black children dead from abortion.  And a hearing Monday in Texas is to determine whether parents can pressure their teen daughter into an abortion.

New HHS Rules Mean New HHS Plaintiffs and New HHS Lawsuits, Twins Born at 23 Weeks Gestation Bring New Focus on Life before Birth, Neural Stem Cells Developed from Kidney Cells Found in Urine

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20130206 LifeNews Radio New HHS Lawsuits-23 Weeks Gestation-Neural Stem Cells
Attorneys defending the HHS mandate requiring all employers regardless of conscience to pay for abortifacient and contraceptive drugs have repeatedly said plaintiffs cases should be thrown out because there was a change to the mandate coming.  Now that the new mandate rule has been issued, plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed new lawsuits alleging a violation of religious freedom against business owners with conscientious objection against the rule.

After a lengthy battle for life against the most astonishing odds twin boys, born at just 23 weeks gestation have become some of the most premature sets of twins ever to survive.  The attention given the twins brings renewed focus on the life of the unborn in the middle of pregnancy.

You may have heard of pluripotent adult stem cells developed from cells in tooth roots, placental tissue or other sources.  Here is a new source discovered in China.  Researchers there found epithelial kidney cells in human urine and have used a more reliable method to steer these tissue cells-or to tap into their pluripotency-and create nerve cells, clearly an amazing breakthrough for adult stem cell therapy.