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Abortion in Ireland Opposed by Tens of Thousands, Media on Abortion and Killing ‘Defectives’, Perry Vows Ban on Late Term Abortions, Liver Tissue Grown from Adult Stem Cells

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20130708 LifeNews Radio Abortion in Ireland- Media on Abortion- Perry Vows Ban- Liver Tissue Grown


Ginsberg Retirement Not Likely, French Euthanasia-Assisted Suicide, California Nurses Could Be Asked to Do Abortions, Three Parent Embryos from UK Regulations Being Drafted

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20130705 LifeNews Radio Ginsberg Retirement-French Euthanasia- California Nurses- Three Parent Embryos


Rubio to Lead Senate Ban on Pain Aware Abortions, Similar Texas Bill Advancing, Bizarre Behavior of Abortion Advocates, Implementing Mandate Despite Court Setbacks, HIV Cure in Adult Stem Cell Therapy, Irish Lawmakers Booted from Party after Voting Conscience, France Euthanasia Push Coming from Prime Minister

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20130704 LifeNews Radio Rubio Ban-Texas Bill-Bizarre Behavior-Implementing Mandate-HIV Cure-Irish Lawmakers-France Euthanasia


‘Sacred Ground’ Abortions:Pelosi, Abortion like a Flu Shot?:Abortionist, Boehner Unapologetic for Abortion Ban, Palin Blasting Bill Maher’s ‘Retarded’ Comment, ‘Make Abortions Illegal’ Say Young Americans, No Patent for Genes, ‘Boot Chen’ Says China to New York University

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20130614 LifeNews Radio Sacred Ground-Abortion Like-Boehner Unapologetic-Palin Blasting-Make Abortions Illegal-No Patent-Boot Chen


Former Abortionist Supports Banning Abortions because of Pain, Lerner Put on Administrative Leave, Ballot Initiative in Michigan to Oppose Abortion in ObamaCare, Baby Saved from Collapsing Windpipe

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20130524 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban-IRS Discipline-Michigan Initiative-Collapsing Windpipe


14-Year-Old Girl Denied Required Protection at Washington State Planned Parenthood, IRS Targeting Pro-Life Groups, Man Indicted under Unborn Victims of Violence Act, Somatic Cell Transfer is Human Cloning

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20130520 LifeNews Radio Rape Hidden-Target ProLifers-UVVA Indictment-Human Cloning


NARAL Trying to Re-Write Gosnell Story, Gosnell Jury Busy, Gosnell in Solitary Confinement, Rally Exposes DC Ally of Infanticide, Pediatricians Oppose FDA Plan B Ruling, New Windpipe from Stem Cells

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20130502 LifeNews Radio NARAL Rewrite-Gosnell Jury Busy-Gosnell Solitary-Infanticide Ally-No to Plan B-New Windpipe


Pennsylvania Abortion Business Knew of Problems at Gosnell Clinic, Whistleblower at Gosnell Clinic Found Pennsylvania Authorities Unresponsive, Approval of Aborted Fetal Stem Cells in Lou Gehrig’s Disease Research

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20130422 LifeNews Radio Abortionists Aware-Gosnell Whistleblower Ignored-FDA Fetal Approval


Family of Women Gosnell Killed in Abortion Weeps at Murder Trial, NAACP Sues Black Pro-Lifer Who Exposed Its Pro-Abortion Views, California Bill-Paying to Create Eggs for Human Cloning

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20130417 LifeNews Radio Killed in Abortion-NAACP Sues Pro Lifer-California Human Cloning


Arkansas Passes Bills to Ban Abortion – Sends to Gov. Beebe, Nine U.S. Senators Tell Court: Protect Hobby Lobby From Obama Mandate, Researchers Map Fetal Brain Signals For First Time Ever

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20130222 LifeNews Radio Arkansas Abortion Ban-Friend of Court Brief-Fetal Brain Signals


It may be true that no law may fix the abortion problem, but one of the most interesting efforts has just passed the Arkansas state legislature in two bills that would ban abortions at the point when a unborn child’s heart starts to beat, typically before even the mother knows she’s pregnant.  The bill has been presented to Governor Mike Beebe, who has yet to say what he plans to do.

Nearly a dozen members of Congress, 11 groups and a state’s attorney general filed friend-of-the-court briefs supporting Hobby Lobby Stores’ challenge to the HHS mandate. Chief Counsel for the Becket Fund Kyle Duncan says that “While any brief by sitting members of Congress is significant, this one comes from members who originally supported the federal civil rights law—the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993—which is at the heart of the mandate challenges.”

Researchers at Wayne State University in Michigan are mapping, for the first time ever, fetal brain signals.  Besides showing human function and further displaying the humanity of unborn children, the prevention and treatment of brain disorders like autism or dyslexia may be on the horizon.