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Courtroom Myths Implode as Planned Parenthood Attorney Enters into Questioning Motives of Defendants, President Blasts Eugenic Down Syndrome Eradication Efforts, Down Syndrome Abortion Ban Blocked by 6th Circuit Panel, Confused Governor Touts Human Right to Kill Humans by Abortion

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Rubio to Lead Senate Ban on Pain Aware Abortions, Similar Texas Bill Advancing, Bizarre Behavior of Abortion Advocates, Implementing Mandate Despite Court Setbacks, HIV Cure in Adult Stem Cell Therapy, Irish Lawmakers Booted from Party after Voting Conscience, France Euthanasia Push Coming from Prime Minister

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20130704 LifeNews Radio Rubio Ban-Texas Bill-Bizarre Behavior-Implementing Mandate-HIV Cure-Irish Lawmakers-France Euthanasia


President Threatens Veto of Bill Banning Abortions after 20 Weeks, Approval Rating Drops for President, KKK Comparison to Planned Parenthood, NY Abortion Bill Fails, New Komen Leader

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20130618 LifeNews Radio President Threatens-Approval Rating Drops-KKK Comparison-NY Abortion Bill-New Komen Leader


‘Sacred Ground’ Abortions:Pelosi, Abortion like a Flu Shot?:Abortionist, Boehner Unapologetic for Abortion Ban, Palin Blasting Bill Maher’s ‘Retarded’ Comment, ‘Make Abortions Illegal’ Say Young Americans, No Patent for Genes, ‘Boot Chen’ Says China to New York University

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20130614 LifeNews Radio Sacred Ground-Abortion Like-Boehner Unapologetic-Palin Blasting-Make Abortions Illegal-No Patent-Boot Chen


Kermit Gosnell-Another in a Long Line of Eugenic Abortionists, Media Blackout May Affect Political Campaigns, Secretary of State Kerry Leaves Voicemail to Help Chinese Dissident

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20130507 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Eugenics-Blackout Effects-Kerry Voicemail Help


Pro-Life Advocate Says Gosnell Used Women from Poor and Black Neighborhoods as Guinea Pigs, More Deplorable Gosnell Clinic Conditions, Washington State Abortion Insurance Bill Fails Again Narrowly

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20130418 LifeNews Radio Guinea Pigs-Gosnell Clinic Conditions-Abortion Bill Fails

Attorneys General Push Obama for Religious Exemption in HHS Mandate, Death Threats from Pro-Abortion Activists, Planned Parenthood Opposes Bill Protecting Babies Born after Botched Abortions, Doctors Quitting Early Due to Burdensome ObamaCare Regulations

20130329 LifeNews Radio AGs Want Exemptions-Death Threats-Botched Abortions-Doctors Quitting

Gory Details in Second Day of Gosnell Murder Trial, Pope Francis Continues Pro-Life Journey, US Bishops Ask House Republicans for Conscience Protections, China Abortions Exceed Population of US

20130320 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Assistant Testifies-Pope Applauded Attacked-Bishops Seek Protections-China Abortion Numbers


The details of the Gosnell murder trial are simply too much to tell-details are at our website.  However, in the latest day of testimony, a woman who worked for Gosnell off the books illegally wept as she told how she participated in the same actions that led to murder charges against Gosnell.

Pope Francis, in one of his first Tweets, said, “true power is service.  The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the week, the vulnerable.”  Just prior to his inaugural mass, Francis took time to stop and offer a blessing for a disabled man.  Meanwhile, major media outlets have begun a barrage of criticism of the new Pope. The latest charges say he is “medieval”.

Catholic bishops are turning their attention to US House Republicans, hoping they will place conscience protections to help stop the egregious nature of the HHS mandate that forces employers to pay for most anything that interdicts pregnancy.

Another report from the Financial Times points out China’s demographic problems.  It makes a direct link between China’s aging population and the fact that the number of abortions in China over the last 40 years has exceeded the population of the US.

Opening Salvo in Gosnell Trial, Biden Talks about Losing His Soul, Chris Smith Leading Another Delegation to the Vatican, 40 Days for Life

20130319 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Trial Opens-Biden Talks Clumsily-Chris Smith-40 Days


The lead prosecutor on Monday told a Philadelphia court what the Kermit Gosnell murder trial is and what it is not about.  He said the case has less to do with abortion than it does with the fact that Kermit Gosnell is a killer who took the lives of newly born babies.  Between a female patient and seven newborn infants, Gosnell is charged with more than 30 criminal counts.

Religious people with internal moral conflicts tend to get clumsy.  Joe Biden says that the Catholic Church has always debated within itself over whether abortion was always or intrinsically wrong.  His own bishop immediately reproved him and corrected that statement.  Now comes news that in a conversation with a foreign head of state, Biden inferred that he simply must attend a mass for Pope Francis or lose his soul.

Meanwhile, leading the delegation from the US House of Representatives, speaker John Boehner has chosen New Jersey Representative Chris Smith, a pro-life champion.

40 Days for Life has now seen 423 babies saved from abortion in the last 33 days.  And one abortion clinic after years of such prayer and vigil has said it will not renew its lease.

Pelosi to Attend the Installation of Pope Francis, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Renews Opposition to ObamaCare, Held Hostage for Abortion Rights-UN Fails to Address Violence against Women

20130318 LifeNews Radio Pelosi at Vatican-Opposing ObamaCare-UN Failure


Add the name “Nancy Pelosi” to the official US delegation attending the installation March 19 of Pope Francis.  Nancy Pelosi has said not having an abortion could be a death sentence for women; Pope Francis has said abortion is a death penalty for the unborn.

Pro-life advocates oppose ObamaCare because of its abortion provisions.  The Hyde amendment, which must be renewed each year, is like a Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike.  The moment the Hyde amendment is not renewed, ObamaCare prescribes abortion for any pregnancy.  At a gathering of conservatives in DC, Senate leader Mitch McConnell stood next to a pile of papers 20,000 pages high-stacked flat, showing the volume of regulations from ObamaCare.  He pledged Republicans would not give up repealing the measure and cited one report indicating that healthcare premiums will as much as double in the year 2014, which happens to be the next election for the U.S. Senate.

The UN has failed to address violence against women.  Powerful western developed countries held the agreement hostage, demanding international abortion rights in exchange for protections.  Reuters, AP and the New York Times are all falsely saying that some unnamed delegation wanted religious exemptions for violence against women.