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Gosnell Accepts Life in Prison, Former Abortion Workers Link Other Clinics to Gosnell-Like Conditions, 9 of 12 Gosnell Jurors Pro-Choice, ABC Breaks 56-Day Silence, Pro-Lifers Blamed for Gosnell, IRS Compelling Abortion Promotion?

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20130515 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Folds-Abortion Workers-Jury ProChoice-ABC on Gosnell-Blame ProLifers-IRS and Abortion


Abortion Groups Spin Gosnell Convictions, New York Times Apparently Confused over Biology, Pope Francis Joins Pro-Lifers in March

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20130514 LifeNews Radio Abortion Gosnell Spin-NY Times Confused-Francis at Marcia per la Vita


Kermit Gosnell-Another in a Long Line of Eugenic Abortionists, Media Blackout May Affect Political Campaigns, Secretary of State Kerry Leaves Voicemail to Help Chinese Dissident

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20130507 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Eugenics-Blackout Effects-Kerry Voicemail Help


Treating Abortion Clinic Staff for Depression, Gosnell Faces Death Penalty, Nation Shocked Despite Sparse Media Coverage, Risk of Contracting AIDS at Abortion Clinic, ADF Report to Congress: Waste, Abuse, Potential Fraud by Abortionists

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20130411 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Charges-No Isolated Case-HHS Compliance-Chen Testifies


Arkansas Governor Vetoes Abortion Ban, Signs Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act, Video from Oregon Right to Life

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20130227 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban Veto-Woman’s Protection Act-Oregon Video


The Arkansas bill that would ban abortions after heartbeat could be detected has been vetoed by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.  Because pregnancy is not typically detected until after a child has a beating heart, critics of the legislation say it was essentially an attempt to ban all abortions and would entrench abortion rights if the bill were seen as attacking Roe V Wade surreptitiously.  A veto fight is expected.

Beebe did sign legislation giving mothers legal protection when being threatened during their pregnancy. Studies like a March of Dimes study show high violence rates during pregnancy.  That study showed one in six pregnant women has been abused by a partner.  The Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act is intended to ensure that a pregnant woman and her child are protected from unlawful criminal violence and that a woman’s decision to carry her child to term is protected.

In other news, Oregon Right to Life has produced a simple video demonstrating how many abortions have taken place in the 40 years since Roe V Wade.  The video is posted at the National Right to Life website, NRLC dot org.