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NARAL Trying to Re-Write Gosnell Story, Gosnell Jury Busy, Gosnell in Solitary Confinement, Rally Exposes DC Ally of Infanticide, Pediatricians Oppose FDA Plan B Ruling, New Windpipe from Stem Cells

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20130502 LifeNews Radio NARAL Rewrite-Gosnell Jury Busy-Gosnell Solitary-Infanticide Ally-No to Plan B-New Windpipe


New HHS Rules Mean New HHS Plaintiffs and New HHS Lawsuits, Twins Born at 23 Weeks Gestation Bring New Focus on Life before Birth, Neural Stem Cells Developed from Kidney Cells Found in Urine

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20130206 LifeNews Radio New HHS Lawsuits-23 Weeks Gestation-Neural Stem Cells
Attorneys defending the HHS mandate requiring all employers regardless of conscience to pay for abortifacient and contraceptive drugs have repeatedly said plaintiffs cases should be thrown out because there was a change to the mandate coming.  Now that the new mandate rule has been issued, plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed new lawsuits alleging a violation of religious freedom against business owners with conscientious objection against the rule.

After a lengthy battle for life against the most astonishing odds twin boys, born at just 23 weeks gestation have become some of the most premature sets of twins ever to survive.  The attention given the twins brings renewed focus on the life of the unborn in the middle of pregnancy.

You may have heard of pluripotent adult stem cells developed from cells in tooth roots, placental tissue or other sources.  Here is a new source discovered in China.  Researchers there found epithelial kidney cells in human urine and have used a more reliable method to steer these tissue cells-or to tap into their pluripotency-and create nerve cells, clearly an amazing breakthrough for adult stem cell therapy.