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ProLife Speech Threatened in Jackson MS, Infanticide Survivors Tell of a Fatal Discrimination, 163 Mothers and Babies Saved So Far in This 40 Days for Life, Assisted Suicide Warnings

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Abortion in Ireland Opposed by Tens of Thousands, Media on Abortion and Killing ‘Defectives’, Perry Vows Ban on Late Term Abortions, Liver Tissue Grown from Adult Stem Cells

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20130708 LifeNews Radio Abortion in Ireland- Media on Abortion- Perry Vows Ban- Liver Tissue Grown


Facial Expressions of Babies Show They Feel Pain, Anti-Infanticide Bill Opposed by Planned Parenthood Passes, Baltimore Ravens Player a No-Show at White House over Abortion

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20130607 LifeNews Radio Baby Pain-Florida Bill-Matt Birk


Media Ignores Abortion Doc Douglas Karpen Now under Investigation, Holder Unsure if Born Alive Infant Bill Being Enforced, IRS Official Promoted to ObamaCare Enforcement

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20130517 LifeNews Radio Douglas Karpen-Holder Unsure-IRS Promotion


Abortion Groups Spin Gosnell Convictions, New York Times Apparently Confused over Biology, Pope Francis Joins Pro-Lifers in March

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20130514 LifeNews Radio Abortion Gosnell Spin-NY Times Confused-Francis at Marcia per la Vita


58% of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions, Exhausted Gosnell Jury Returns Monday for Week 3, White House Mothers’ Day Greeting Promotes Pregnancy Interdiction, O’Malley to Boycott BC Commencement over Pro-Abort Honor

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20130513 LifeNews Radio Opposing Abortion-Gosnell Jury Week3-Interdicting Pregnancy-Cardinal Boycotts BC


Congress Queries States, Jury Wrestles with 250 Charges, Canadians March for Life, Chen Guangcheng’s Brother Beaten, Cleveland Kidnapper and Forced Abortions

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20130510 LifeNews Radio Congress Queries States-205 Gosnell Charges-Canadians ProLife March-Chens Brother Beaten-5 Forced Abortions


NARAL Trying to Re-Write Gosnell Story, Gosnell Jury Busy, Gosnell in Solitary Confinement, Rally Exposes DC Ally of Infanticide, Pediatricians Oppose FDA Plan B Ruling, New Windpipe from Stem Cells

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20130502 LifeNews Radio NARAL Rewrite-Gosnell Jury Busy-Gosnell Solitary-Infanticide Ally-No to Plan B-New Windpipe


Population Myths at the Heart of Pro-Abortion Thinking, Presidential ‘No Comment’ on Gosnell Trial, Filipinos Determined to Elect Pro-Life Leaders

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20130419 LifeNews Radio Population Myths-Obama on Gosnell-Philippines’ May Elections


Prosecution Testimony in Gosnell Murder Trial Prompts Defense to Offer Gruesome Realities about Legal Abortion, Years of Peaceful Pro-Life Protest outside Gosnell Clinic, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Program Presents Assisted Suicide, Alaska State Vehicles Block Pro-Life Protest

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20130415 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Testimony-Protest at Gosnell Clinic-Offering Assisted Suicide-Alaska Protest