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America Discovering Gosnell, Nurses Quit a Delaware Planned Parenthood, TV Censorship of Gosnell Story, Obama at Planned Parenthood Gala, Prosecutors Tough on Focus on the Family Shooter, Group Wants Young People to Know Planned Parenthood Does Abortions

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20130423 LifeNews Radio Discovering Gosnell-Abortion Nurses Quit-TV Gosnell Censorship-Obama at Gala


Arkansas Governor Vetoes Abortion Ban, Signs Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act, Video from Oregon Right to Life

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20130227 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban Veto-Woman’s Protection Act-Oregon Video


The Arkansas bill that would ban abortions after heartbeat could be detected has been vetoed by Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe.  Because pregnancy is not typically detected until after a child has a beating heart, critics of the legislation say it was essentially an attempt to ban all abortions and would entrench abortion rights if the bill were seen as attacking Roe V Wade surreptitiously.  A veto fight is expected.

Beebe did sign legislation giving mothers legal protection when being threatened during their pregnancy. Studies like a March of Dimes study show high violence rates during pregnancy.  That study showed one in six pregnant women has been abused by a partner.  The Pregnant Woman’s Protection Act is intended to ensure that a pregnant woman and her child are protected from unlawful criminal violence and that a woman’s decision to carry her child to term is protected.

In other news, Oregon Right to Life has produced a simple video demonstrating how many abortions have taken place in the 40 years since Roe V Wade.  The video is posted at the National Right to Life website, NRLC dot org.

Feng Jianmei Speaks Out, Fetal Detection of Anomalies Often Inaccurate-Tragic and Heroic Stories, Black History Includes 16 Million Abortions, May Texas Parents Pressure or Coerce Teen Abortion?

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20130218 LifeNews Radio Feng Jianmei-Fetal Anomalies-Black Abortions-Coercing Teen Abortion

After failing to pay a $6000 fine for her seven-month pregnancy, Feng Jianmei was ambushed, beaten and dragged into a car which took her to a Shanxi Province, China clinic for a forced abortion.  To get medical treatment and to avoid painful memories, eight months later, Feng and her husband are living in another city.  Now, we discover, she still suffers medical and other effects from the abortion, has run up thousands in medical bills but, says Feng, “what we lost the most, we lost a baby.”

With the rise of prenatal testing, detection of so-called anomalies is spiking and, tragically, the solution given to most parents is simply “abort”.  Recent news has given us not only tragic stories of lives lost and harmed, but heroic stories of parents who defied the presumed odds and now hold in their arms beautiful and very often entirely normal, healthy babies.  There are numerous such stories at

In other news, pro-life advocates are pointing out during February’s Black History Month that part of that history in America includes 16 million black children dead from abortion.  And a hearing Monday in Texas is to determine whether parents can pressure their teen daughter into an abortion.

0peration Rescue Says HHS Secretary May Hinder Botched Abortion Death Investigation, Rubio Introduces Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, Correlation between Marital Sex and Pro-Abortion Opinion, 11% Use Hormone Overdose Morning after Pill

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20130215 LifeNews Radio Possible Investigation Hindrance-Rubio Legislation-Opinion Links-11Percent Overdose
Former Kansas Governor and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius may have significant ties to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  As governor, Operation Rescue says she successfully turned back laws to regulate businesses like Dr. Carhart’s Kansas operations.  They are concerned that she may do the same with the investigation into the death of Jennifer McKenna Morbelli.  In related news, Operation Rescue has found evidence that Morbelli may have been told not to visit an emergency room.

Earlier this week, in his counter to the state of the union address by President Obama, Senator Marco Rubio articulated how the human person is an asset to a nation.  He has now gone a step further, introducing to the U.S. Senate the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act that would stop secret interstate abortions on teenagers, notifying parents and criminalizing the transport of a minor across state lines to evade state parental notification laws.

In other news, A new survey makes a direct correlation between someone’s view regarding premarital sex and whether or not they are pro-abortion.  And a new report from the CDC finds more women are using the radical hormone overdose known as the morning after pill; now about 11% of all women have used it.

February 5, 2013 New HHS Rules Force Compliance, Catholic Hospital Drops Legal Argument Denying Personhood of Unborn, 12,000 Plan B Covert Prescriptions in New York City Schools

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20130205 LifeNews Radio Forced Compliance-Dropping Argument-NYC Covert Rx

Some media outlets and others looking at the revised HHS contraceptive-abortifacient drug mandate are clearly under the impression that the HHS has substantially expanded its exemptions for “religious employers” under mandate rules.  Pro-life groups and others are saying, “Not so fast.”  Now, no distinction is being made between houses of worship, its schools, institutions, or its employees.  Attorney Wesley Smith says the new rules, despite their nice-sounding press releases, are a rapid way for the Obama administration to expand the HHS mandate.  No conscience is allowed in the public square, no institution is allowed to express in their business conduct what they teach in their classrooms, even insurance for nuns in a church convent would be required to offer contraceptives.

After nationwide criticism and being taken to task by three Colorado bishops, Catholic Health Initiatives will no longer argue in court that an unborn child is not a person.  St. Thomas More Hospital is defending itself against the suit involving the tragic death of twin unborn boys at that hospital.

12,000 doses of the Plan B morning-after pill have been dispensed to New York City school children.  A report in the New York Post says the abortifacient hormone overdoses were dispensed without involving parents.