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Networks Taking Big Hits for Lack of Gosnell Coverage in Congress and Polls, Pro-Life Intellect Calls for No Capital Punishment in Gosnell Case

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January 22, 2012 President Obama Record on Abortion, Inaugural Motorcade Confronts Graphic Images, Closed Abortion Clinics, Botched Abortion, Irish Pro-Life Rally

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20130122 LifeNews Radio Abortion Record-Confront Victims-Clinic Closings-Ireland Rally

On the occasion of the president’s inauguration to a second term, pro-life groups say President Obama brings a stark contrast to a second term: a large pro-abortion record and a small approval rating.  Gallup polling finds the president’s first-term approval rating is the lowest of any post-World War II president.

The president’s motorcade was forced to confront pictures of babies victimized by abortion.  The exposure of graphic images was arranged by Created Equal.

On the 40th anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision legalizing all abortion, pro-lifers can celebrate the closure of 1500 abortion clinics over the past 22 years.  There were nearly 2200 abortion clinics in 1991; now there are less than 700 and that number is falling.

Nevertheless, a St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion business had its fourth botched abortion in recent weeks.  As pro-life advocates tried to document the injuries, clinic staffers attempted to conceal matters.

Over the weekend, what has been billed as the largest pro-life rally in the history of Ireland took place as more than 30,000 pro-life people gathered to hold political leaders accountable for pledging to oppose abortion.