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Networks Taking Big Hits for Lack of Gosnell Coverage in Congress and Polls, Pro-Life Intellect Calls for No Capital Punishment in Gosnell Case

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20130426 LifeNews Radio Networks Lose Big over Gosnell-No Execution


0peration Rescue Says HHS Secretary May Hinder Botched Abortion Death Investigation, Rubio Introduces Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, Correlation between Marital Sex and Pro-Abortion Opinion, 11% Use Hormone Overdose Morning after Pill

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20130215 LifeNews Radio Possible Investigation Hindrance-Rubio Legislation-Opinion Links-11Percent Overdose
Former Kansas Governor and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius may have significant ties to late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  As governor, Operation Rescue says she successfully turned back laws to regulate businesses like Dr. Carhart’s Kansas operations.  They are concerned that she may do the same with the investigation into the death of Jennifer McKenna Morbelli.  In related news, Operation Rescue has found evidence that Morbelli may have been told not to visit an emergency room.

Earlier this week, in his counter to the state of the union address by President Obama, Senator Marco Rubio articulated how the human person is an asset to a nation.  He has now gone a step further, introducing to the U.S. Senate the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act that would stop secret interstate abortions on teenagers, notifying parents and criminalizing the transport of a minor across state lines to evade state parental notification laws.

In other news, A new survey makes a direct correlation between someone’s view regarding premarital sex and whether or not they are pro-abortion.  And a new report from the CDC finds more women are using the radical hormone overdose known as the morning after pill; now about 11% of all women have used it.

Operation Rescue Wants Medical Review Added to Criminal Investigation of LeRoy Carhart, Two Clinic Closings Connected with 40 Days for Life, New York Poll Yields Strong Pro-Life Results

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20130214 LifeNews Radio Carhart Review-Clinic Closings-NY Poll

Operation Rescue is speaking out in the case of the New York woman who died in Maryland in a botched late-term abortion.  They say if the Maryland hospital does not file a complaint with the state medical board, they will file suit in order to bring medical scrutiny to the work of abortionist Doctor LeRoy Carhart.  There is an ongoing criminal investigation by the state attorney general in Maryland related to Carhart’s operation in that state.

As the next 40 Days for Life gets underway, one prayer demonstration in Greensboro North Carolina had to be canceled because the abortion business, faced with another round of legal prayer and vigil outside their doors, closed their doors permanently.  ||
Lima Ohio was the site of another recent abortion clinic closing.

A recent poll of New York voters should be giving its governor headaches.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York wants to get rid of all pro-life laws in his state and promote late-term abortions, so Cuomo has proposed to the legislature a so-called “Reproductive Choice Act”.  The in-depth McLaughlin poll paid for by the Chiaroscuro Foundation shows support for the governor’s position well below 20 percent, over 60 percent strongly disagreed with his ideas.