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January 30, 2013 LifeNews Radio: Kerry Confirmed, Lack of Coverage of March for Life, Prayer and Fasting Friday, Vending Morning After Pill, Growing Human Hearts from Stem Cells, Pushing Depressed Oregon Patient into Suicide

This is LifeNews Radio for January 30th
20130130 LifeNews Radio John Kerry-Media Coverage-Vending Machine-Human Hearts-Tragic Suicide

TEXT:Senator John Kerry will replace outgoing pro-abortion Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  All but Senators Cruz and Cornyn of Texas and Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma voted to confirm Kerry.

Maybe you know about the famous college football player who was duped into believing that a girl on the Internet liked him and how, responding to this ongoing hoax, the football player was tragically hurt by her supposed death.  And by now you’re wondering why a newscast on the life issue is telling you about this.  The Media Research Center analyzed the coverage of this story and of the March for Life and found that the hoax got over 500 times the coverage that half a million citizens received for marching on the nation’s capital.

Other stories you’ll find at… The Obama administration has approved the morning after pill to be dispensed through a vending machine to college students at a Pennsylvania university.  The Texas Heart Institute is literally growing human hearts using adult stem cells.  And there is the story of a pro-life Oregon doctor who lost one of his patients when another doctor-operating under Oregon law- pushed the patient, who was suffering from depression, into the use of barbiturates to commit suicide.