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Courtroom Myths Implode as Planned Parenthood Attorney Enters into Questioning Motives of Defendants, President Blasts Eugenic Down Syndrome Eradication Efforts, Down Syndrome Abortion Ban Blocked by 6th Circuit Panel, Confused Governor Touts Human Right to Kill Humans by Abortion

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Networks Miss Biggest Abortion Story in Decades, Receiving Communion at Vatican: Pro-Aborts and Anti-Aborts, World Down Syndrome Day March 21st

20130321 LifeNews Radio Missing Abortion Story-Receiving Communion-Down Syndrome Day


The big three networks have yet to cover news of the murder trial of Kermit Gosnell, charged in the deaths of seven babies who were born after viability in his run down abortion facility.  The New York Times relegated the story to A17. The case may be the biggest abortion story in 40 years.

Three notable public US officials received communion at the installation mass for Pope Francis.  Nancy Pelosi accompanied the delegation led by Vice President Joe Biden and both received the sacrament, while they deny clear Christian teaching on abortion.  However, in what may be construed as a snub to Nancy Pelosi, pro-life New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith lead a delegation from the US House of Representatives and also participated.

[“We serve breakfast, lunch and hugs.  The hugs are the best part.”] Tim’s Place may become a tourist destination in Albuquerque New Mexico.  Tim’s may be the only restaurant owned by someone with Down Syndrome.  Celebrating the ability of those with Down Syndrome to work, March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day. [“The hugs are way more important than the food.  The food is just food, so…  Hahaha!”]