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Kermit Gosnell-Another in a Long Line of Eugenic Abortionists, Media Blackout May Affect Political Campaigns, Secretary of State Kerry Leaves Voicemail to Help Chinese Dissident

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Feng Jianmei Speaks Out, Fetal Detection of Anomalies Often Inaccurate-Tragic and Heroic Stories, Black History Includes 16 Million Abortions, May Texas Parents Pressure or Coerce Teen Abortion?

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20130218 LifeNews Radio Feng Jianmei-Fetal Anomalies-Black Abortions-Coercing Teen Abortion

After failing to pay a $6000 fine for her seven-month pregnancy, Feng Jianmei was ambushed, beaten and dragged into a car which took her to a Shanxi Province, China clinic for a forced abortion.  To get medical treatment and to avoid painful memories, eight months later, Feng and her husband are living in another city.  Now, we discover, she still suffers medical and other effects from the abortion, has run up thousands in medical bills but, says Feng, “what we lost the most, we lost a baby.”

With the rise of prenatal testing, detection of so-called anomalies is spiking and, tragically, the solution given to most parents is simply “abort”.  Recent news has given us not only tragic stories of lives lost and harmed, but heroic stories of parents who defied the presumed odds and now hold in their arms beautiful and very often entirely normal, healthy babies.  There are numerous such stories at

In other news, pro-life advocates are pointing out during February’s Black History Month that part of that history in America includes 16 million black children dead from abortion.  And a hearing Monday in Texas is to determine whether parents can pressure their teen daughter into an abortion.

February 1st Twitter Censors Black Pro-Lifers, Arkansas Senate Passes Abortion Ban-Injunction against HHS Mandate, 491 Babies from Failed Abortions Left to Die

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20130201 LifeNews Radio Twitter Censorship-Arkansas Ban-HHS Injunction-Canadian Probe

A coalition of African-American pro-life activists have had their Twitter account suspended after firing off tweets challenging the NAACP over its position favoring abortion.  Leading black pro-life advocates have been planning to protest the NAACP’s pro-abortion activism at its 44th Image Awards Show.

The Arkansas Senate passed a bill on to that state’s house that would ban virtually all abortions by making any abortion illegal when the baby has a heartbeat.  States are allowed to restrict abortion within certain guidelines.  This law would test those guidelines.

Another of the lawsuits against the HHS contraceptive-abortifacient drug mandate has yielded a preliminary injunction against the mandate on behalf of a family-run business.  The significance of the injunction is that it is the second time the seventh circuit Court of Appeals has found that there is a reasonable likelihood that plaintiffs will prevail in court with their case against the mandate.

When an abortion fails, it fails because the child is delivered.  Members of the Canadian Parliament are calling a probe into figures we released at life  In November, we reported on Statistics Canada figures showing nearly 500 children were abandoned to die following failed abortions in Canada.