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Deepening IRS Scandal Fueled by Recorded Conversation, Botched Abortion Lawsuit in West Virginia, 20 Week Abortion Ban Vote before House Judiciary Committee, Closing Abortion Clinic Number 30 This Year

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20130611 LifeNews Radio Deepening IRS Scandal-Botched Abortion Lawsuit-20 Week Abortion Ban-Closing Abortion Clinic


20 Weeks Gestation Abortion Ban Gets through First Sub-Committee, New York to Consider Extreme Pro-Abortion Bill, IRS Forces Nonprofit Group to Not Protest, Herrera-Beutler Told Baby Has Only Slim Chance, No Transplant for Sarah Murnaghan

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20130605 LifeNews Radio Abortion Ban-NY Bill-IRS Force-Herrera Beutler-No Transplant


Pearl Gosnell Sentenced, Top IRS Officials Implicated in Targeting Pro-Life Groups, Morgentaler Dead at 90, Abortion Clinic with No CPR Training Watches Woman Die, NARAL Fails to Understand Susan B. Anthony

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20130530 LifeNews Radio Pearl Gosnell-Top IRS-Morgentaler Dead-No CPR-NARAL Ignorance