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Murder Trial in Week Seven, Undercover Videos Show Disregard for Children in Botched Abortions, Michigan Official Wondering about Abortionist’s Medical License, The UN and Abortion Rights, China Targets Chen Guangcheng via Nephew

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20130503 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Week 7-Abortionist Videos-Michigan Abortionist-UN and Abortion-Targeting Chen Guangcheng


Investigative Video Challenges American ‘Numbness’ on Abortion, Ignoring Gosnell: Obama ‘Blesses’ Planned Parenthood, More 9-1-1 Recordings: More Botched Abortions, Threatening UN Ambassadors for Abortion Support

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20130429 LifeNews Radio Investigative Video-Ignoring Gosnell-Blessing Planned Parenthood-Botched-UN Threats


Pelosi to Attend the Installation of Pope Francis, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Renews Opposition to ObamaCare, Held Hostage for Abortion Rights-UN Fails to Address Violence against Women

20130318 LifeNews Radio Pelosi at Vatican-Opposing ObamaCare-UN Failure


Add the name “Nancy Pelosi” to the official US delegation attending the installation March 19 of Pope Francis.  Nancy Pelosi has said not having an abortion could be a death sentence for women; Pope Francis has said abortion is a death penalty for the unborn.

Pro-life advocates oppose ObamaCare because of its abortion provisions.  The Hyde amendment, which must be renewed each year, is like a Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike.  The moment the Hyde amendment is not renewed, ObamaCare prescribes abortion for any pregnancy.  At a gathering of conservatives in DC, Senate leader Mitch McConnell stood next to a pile of papers 20,000 pages high-stacked flat, showing the volume of regulations from ObamaCare.  He pledged Republicans would not give up repealing the measure and cited one report indicating that healthcare premiums will as much as double in the year 2014, which happens to be the next election for the U.S. Senate.

The UN has failed to address violence against women.  Powerful western developed countries held the agreement hostage, demanding international abortion rights in exchange for protections.  Reuters, AP and the New York Times are all falsely saying that some unnamed delegation wanted religious exemptions for violence against women.

Pro-Life Texas Senator Pledges Up or Down Vote on Defunding ObamaCare, Media Reports-‘Inherent Right to Life’ Obstructionist, A Beckwith Files 50th Lawsuit against HHS Mandate

20130313LifeNews Radio Defund ObamaCare-UN Fight-50th HHS Lawsuit


The U.S. Senate is scheduled to take up the continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year.  When it does, newly elected pro-life Senator Ted Cruz of Texas says he is prepared to use any procedural means available to him to force an up or down vote on defunding ObamaCare for the remainder of the fiscal year.

The New York Times is leading a mainstream media charge and they are accusing the Holy See, the Vatican, and pro-life allies of obstructionism.  The battle is at the United Nations and seems to be over a phrase, “inherent right to life”.  That phrase is something the US and European Union nations are trying to strip from United Nations documents like the UN charter and the Universal Declaration on human rights.  Somehow the word “obstructionism” misses the point.

Thomas Beckwith has filed the 50th lawsuit against the HHS mandate requiring employers to pay for government-sponsored interdiction of pregnancy.  What makes his action interesting is that Beckwith’s ancestors came to America in the 1600-hundreds to escape religious persecution and also fought in the Revolutionary war.  The Thomas More Law Center filed the lawsuit in a Florida federal district court.