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58% of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions, Exhausted Gosnell Jury Returns Monday for Week 3, White House Mothers’ Day Greeting Promotes Pregnancy Interdiction, O’Malley to Boycott BC Commencement over Pro-Abort Honor

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for May 13, 2013…
20130513 LifeNews Radio Opposing Abortion-Gosnell Jury Week3-Interdicting Pregnancy-Cardinal Boycotts BC


Gosnell Jurors Hear Testimony from Abortionist, Medical Examiner, Poignant Photograph Tells Story of Media Blackout, 100 Pro-Life Tweets per Second on Gosnell Trial, 10-year-old Detained in China without Food or Water, “No Comment” on Life Issues from White House

Listen here for LifeNews radio for April 16, 2013…
20130416 LifeNews Radio Abortionist, ME Testify-Media Blackout-Pro Life Tweets-No Comment