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Another Pro-Abortion Argument Simply Falls Apart, ‘112 Pound Newborn’ Promotes Adoption

Listen here for LifeNews Radio for February 25, 2013:
20130225 LifeNews Radio Rape Ultrasound-112Lb Newborn


For various reasons, abortion advocates seem to want providers of abortion to be protected at any cost and to want no restriction or conditions on abortion.  Leading up to a law passed in the state of Virginia that allows woman to see an ultrasound before an abortion, abortion advocates equated a woman having an ultrasound with a woman being raped.  The problem with that logic is that in preparing for an abortion and to determine how long a child has been in gestation, abortion clinics use ultrasounds.  Given a little thought, most pro-abortion arguments simply fall apart.

A photo shoot of a recently adopted boy is being described as a photo shoot of a 112 pound newborn.  Latrell Higgins, a 12-year-old adopted son of the Higgins family, lamented not having any baby pictures.  When his sister jokingly suggested an infant photo shoot, their mother, a professional photographer, swung into action.  The result is being described as both precious and utterly hilarious, but is being used by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute to highlight the benefits of adoption.  They say that while adoption in the first year tends to produce the best results for children, regardless of age, all adopted children benefit.