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America Deceived into Abortion Embrace According to Billy Graham, Mildred Jefferson Commemorated in Hometown of Carthage Texas, Irish Bureaucrats behind Amendment 8 Referendum Schedule May 25th for Election, Mom Expelled from High School over Concerns about Accurate Presentation of Sex Ed Materials

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Dangerous Prosecutor Behavior Alleged by ProLife Advocates, Control of Children in Britain Limiting Care for Special Cases, Genetic Modifications Demand Intense Discussion of Ethical Limits

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Irish Abortion Advocates Panic at Early Poll Showing ProLife Shift in Polls, Texas Teen Immigrant Abortion Case a Fraud, Doctors Denying Food and Water to Florida Man, Abortion Myths Die Hard Even in Discussion of Florida School Shooting

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UN SexEd Includes Premature Sexualization-Breaking Palliative Care for MAiD in BC Canada-Conscience Suit May Proceed after Court Ruling-Women ProLife for Tragic Reasons

India Missing Women in Part Due to Sex Selective Abortion, Eugenic Goals for 2018 Planned Parenthood, Active Parents Stall PP Sex Ed, Join the Rebellion against Government Bureaucrats in Ireland

30 Billion in US Aid Given to Providers Other than Abortion Doctors, Opinion Guy Criticized in New 40 Days for Life Video, IPAB Cut in Budget Deal, Trudeau Bullying on Grants over Abortion Not Accepted by Canadian Catholics

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Fraudulent Poll in Ireland Surveying Twitter Users as Medics Published in Newspapers, British 2 Child Law Challenged in Court, Oregon Poll Yields Opposition to Late Abortions

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No Horror in Down Syndrome Despite Journalist Jabs, Humanae Vitae Pope Heads for Canonization, Francis Calls for More Activists in the Life Issue, Winning Skeptics Over as Jahi McMath Goes before CA Jury, Crime Scene Investigators Spotted at Abortion Clinic Allegedly Involved in Abortion Specimen Scandal, Spiking Pregnant Womans Drink

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Oregon Horror Show Proposed in State House in Salem, Iowa Editors Whine as Planned Parenthood Money Goes to Actual Health Centers, Video Chat Abortion, Abortion Reversals Top 400, Protecting Down Syndrome Children from Abortion Proposed in Two States

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