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IRS Scandal Reveals Cultural Problem, Nebraska Abortion Nurse Faces Charges, Hidden Rape May Fuel New Parental Notification Laws, Black Candidate Blasted for Planned Parenthood Comments

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20130523 LifeNews RadioIRS Problem-Abortion Nurse-Hidden Rape-Black VA Candidate


Gosnell Jury Reviews Graphic Details, Carhart Caught on Tape Trivializing and Lying about Abortion, Single Senator Blocks Gosnell-Inspired Review of Federal Law, Changing Minds on Abortion after Gosnell

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20130509 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Graphic Details-Carhart Caught-Senator Blocks Review-Changing Minds on Abortion


Treating Abortion Clinic Staff for Depression, Gosnell Faces Death Penalty, Nation Shocked Despite Sparse Media Coverage, Risk of Contracting AIDS at Abortion Clinic, ADF Report to Congress: Waste, Abuse, Potential Fraud by Abortionists

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20130411 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Charges-No Isolated Case-HHS Compliance-Chen Testifies


Jury to Hear How Gosnell Coerced Staff to Help Third Term Abortions, Seven Month Baby Becomes Victim of Forced Abortion in China, MSNBC Commentator-‘Things That Might Turn into Humans’, 554 Babies Saved from Abortion, April 8th Abortion Workers’ National Day of Exodus

20130326 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Staff-China Abortion-MSNBC Ignorance-554 Babies Saved-Abortion Workers Quit


Gory Details in Second Day of Gosnell Murder Trial, Pope Francis Continues Pro-Life Journey, US Bishops Ask House Republicans for Conscience Protections, China Abortions Exceed Population of US

20130320 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Assistant Testifies-Pope Applauded Attacked-Bishops Seek Protections-China Abortion Numbers


The details of the Gosnell murder trial are simply too much to tell-details are at our website.  However, in the latest day of testimony, a woman who worked for Gosnell off the books illegally wept as she told how she participated in the same actions that led to murder charges against Gosnell.

Pope Francis, in one of his first Tweets, said, “true power is service.  The Pope must serve all people, especially the poor, the week, the vulnerable.”  Just prior to his inaugural mass, Francis took time to stop and offer a blessing for a disabled man.  Meanwhile, major media outlets have begun a barrage of criticism of the new Pope. The latest charges say he is “medieval”.

Catholic bishops are turning their attention to US House Republicans, hoping they will place conscience protections to help stop the egregious nature of the HHS mandate that forces employers to pay for most anything that interdicts pregnancy.

Another report from the Financial Times points out China’s demographic problems.  It makes a direct link between China’s aging population and the fact that the number of abortions in China over the last 40 years has exceeded the population of the US.

Pelosi to Attend the Installation of Pope Francis, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Renews Opposition to ObamaCare, Held Hostage for Abortion Rights-UN Fails to Address Violence against Women

20130318 LifeNews Radio Pelosi at Vatican-Opposing ObamaCare-UN Failure


Add the name “Nancy Pelosi” to the official US delegation attending the installation March 19 of Pope Francis.  Nancy Pelosi has said not having an abortion could be a death sentence for women; Pope Francis has said abortion is a death penalty for the unborn.

Pro-life advocates oppose ObamaCare because of its abortion provisions.  The Hyde amendment, which must be renewed each year, is like a Dutch boy holding his finger in the dike.  The moment the Hyde amendment is not renewed, ObamaCare prescribes abortion for any pregnancy.  At a gathering of conservatives in DC, Senate leader Mitch McConnell stood next to a pile of papers 20,000 pages high-stacked flat, showing the volume of regulations from ObamaCare.  He pledged Republicans would not give up repealing the measure and cited one report indicating that healthcare premiums will as much as double in the year 2014, which happens to be the next election for the U.S. Senate.

The UN has failed to address violence against women.  Powerful western developed countries held the agreement hostage, demanding international abortion rights in exchange for protections.  Reuters, AP and the New York Times are all falsely saying that some unnamed delegation wanted religious exemptions for violence against women.

Pro-Life: Pope’s First Moment of Intimate Prayer and Blessing, Marco Rubio: Life Begins at Conception, Kermit Gosnell trial Monday, Injunction against HHS Mandate, Pro-Life Woman Attacked at Abortion Business

20130315 LifeNews Radio Prayer Blessing-Rubio on Life-Gosnell Trial-HHS Injunction-Attack at Planned Parenthood


From the day Pope Benedict resigned, much of the media attention focused on those who treated the selection of a new pope as somewhat of a lobbying event, in hopes that a new pope could somehow not be so ardently pro-life.  Pope Francis may have subtly squelched any consideration of such. On his first full day as pope, Francis found a mother carrying an unborn child for his first individual moment of prayer and blessing.

A Florida Republican, considered a possible 2016 presidential candidate, directly took on abortion and the so-called war on women.  Senator Marco Rubio did not mince words saying, “science has proven that life begins at conception.”

In other pro-life news, the trial of Kermit Gosnell gets underway Monday with the prosecution showing the jury evidence from his gruesome Philadelphia abortion business.
Tom Monahan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, won a preliminary injunction against the HHS mandate protecting his property management firm from participation in a ‘gravely immoral’ practice.
A woman documenting the fourth botched abortion in recent weeks at a Wilmington Planned Parenthood abortion business was attacked by someone coming from the abortion clinic.  Police are investigating and a suspect remains at large.

Pro-Life Jurors Dismissed from Gosnell Case, GAO Asked for More Information about Planned Parenthood Funding, New Pro-Life Amicus Brief Filed in Fourth Circuit Court, Botched Abortion in Colorado, UN Agreement Protecting Women against Violence Threatened

20130308 LifeNews Radio No Pro-Life Jurors-GAO Planned Parenthood-4th Circuit Amicus-Hiding Abortion-UN Women and Violence


The horrific case involving Kermit Gosnell and eight counts of murder related to abortion will not have any potential jurors who profess being pro-life.  Six potential jurors who expressed religious, ethical or moral qualms about abortion or the death penalty have been dismissed.

72 members of Congress are asking the Government Accountability Office for information about government money possibly being funneled to Planned Parenthood.  This request follows up on a 2010 GAO report on Planned Parenthood funding that raised more questions than it answered.

The Fourth Circuit Court is quickly becoming one of the next battle grounds against the HHS mandate.  A new amicus brief by a broad range of religious and political legal groups says that ObamaCare’s employer mandate has become the “bludgeon” with which the government feels empowered to cripple the consciences of employers who may take religious exception to paying for the fuzzy collection of contraceptive agents including abortifacient drugs.

Other stories at LifeNews include details of another botched abortion that a Colorado abortion business may be trying to hide, and a UN agreement on violence against women may be scuttled because some member nations are refusing the agenda of abortion advocates.

Kermit Gosnell Murder Case Underway in Philadelphia, Health Care Conscience Rights Act to Be Proposed, HHS Probing Loophole for Abortion Funding in States’ Laws, Abortion and a 90% Increase in Breast Cancer

20130305 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Murder Case-Rights Act-HHS Probing Loophole-Abortion Breast Cancer


The complicated, gruesome case of Kermit Gosnell got underway in Philadelphia Monday with three jurors being selected.  While there are rumors of Gosnell trying to negotiate a better deal with prosecutors, he faces eight murder counts.  The story is loaded with tragic details of abortions botched, squalid conditions in his clinic, and multiple defendants who worked with Gosnell, some of whom had no medical background.

Members of Congress are working on a new major bill to stop the White House assault on pro-life religious freedom under the HHS mandate.  The Health Care Conscience Rights Act would take the focus off Kathleen Sibelius for drafting the rules creating the mandate and put them on legislators who vote for or against this new bill.

The federal budget sequester seemingly has had no effect on Health and Human Services.  On the first afternoon of the President’s doomsday, the agency was so productive it pumped out more than 700 new pages of ObamaCare regulations.  Buried in those pages is a plan designed to directly fund abortion using the laws of individual states to circumvent the Hyde amendment.  And another story at LifeNews dot com provides another likely link between abortion and a 90% increase in breast cancer.

Philadelphia Murder Case against Abortionist Kermit Gosnell Jury Selection, Changes in China’s One Child Policy, Local 40 Days for Life Campaign Gets TV Coverage

20130304 LifeNews Radio Gosnell Jury-Streamlining Abortion-40 Days on TV


Jury selection is to begin Monday in the Philadelphia murder case against abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose squalid “house of horrors” abortion clinic and callus, almost flippant attitude toward his macabre abortion practices shocked the nation.  Troy Newman of Operation Rescue says, “the Gosnell case is a watershed moment for the issue of abortion.” He says the discovery of Gosnell’s practices shed light on an abortion industry run amok.

Reggie Littlejohn of Women’s Rights without Frontiers is countering rumors that China’s one child policy might be reviewed.  She says instead that the Communist Party there is simply considering moving the policy’s administration from China’s Family Planning Agency into the Ministry of Health.

40 Days for Life is the vigil outside abortion clinics and prayer around the world to bring an end to abortion.  There may not be major networks covering this story yet, however, a local TV station in Montana covered the 40 Days for Life campaign in Livingston.  The story quoted one pro-life activist as saying that they are always praying for the staff of the abortion business, and noted that small numbers of pro-life demonstrators are nevertheless always outside the local abortion business there.