Hobby Lobby Broadens Court Fight, Parents Give Up Effort to Abort Grandchild, Six Dozen Babies in One 40 Days for Life Week, Valentine’s Day-Mom Delivers Two Sets of Identical Twins on Same Day

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Visit a Hobby Lobby craft store and listen to the discreet music played in the background.  Songs like, “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, “Amazing Grace”, and even instrumental renditions of more recent titles discretely say that this is a store with distinctly Christian values.  The store is currently avoiding million-dollar daily fines after losing the first round in its fight against the HHS mandate and is now being joined by groups like Americans United for Life in broadening Hobby Lobby’s court battle.

The parents of the 16-year-old expectant mom have been trying to force her to have an abortion.  It took a lawsuit and a court appearance, but the parents have relented.

After only a few days into its 40 Days for Life campaign, organizers say nearly 6 dozen babies have already been saved from abortion.  The campaign of personal dedication and prayer and vigil at abortion clinics runs through March 24th.

The Montalvo family of Houston wanted a baby girl.  Instead, without any use of fertility treatment, they hit odds in the neighborhood of one in 70 million and came home from the hospital last week with two sets of identical twins-all boys-born on Valentine’s Day.